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Mathseeds - what's next??

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sukiking Tue 11-Nov-14 19:48:22

5 yr old DS is struggling with reading, bless him, but loving maths. So much so that he's now completed Mathseeds - the numeracy online learning programme that goes with Reading Eggs (it's an Aussie one - random, I know, but top notch).

I've asked his teacher to recommend another programme. She came back with ICT Games & Top Marks. But they're both so dull compared to Mathseeds, which rewards kids with little songs, critters, animations, certificates etc. I could leave him to his own devices with Mathseeds as one level organically leads to other and made it all so fun. But despite a lot of online searching, I can't find anything similar for the next stage of learning (6+). Has anyone got any recommendations?

Doing maths gives him a much needed confidence boost so really keen to hear anyone's thoughts. Thanks v much everyone!

May09Bump Tue 11-Nov-14 19:53:37

Education city is quite good. try their trial for free, we have had it for reception and no renewed for yr1. It covers all subjects, but you can only do Maths if you want too.

Weekipper Tue 11-Nov-14 19:54:45

Seconding Education city.

sukiking Tue 11-Nov-14 20:04:28

Will check it out! Thanks v much for the swift replies...

fullcircleagain Tue 11-Nov-14 21:00:02

Maths whizz is fabulous. I prefer it to maths seeds but it is a bit pricey. But my kids love it. You even get your own bedroom and shop where you can earn points to but interactive pets. If you can afford it, you won't be disappointed in my opinion.

Hulababy Tue 11-Nov-14 21:03:35


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