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Cambridge Primary Schools, Reception 2015

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Artepka Sat 08-Nov-14 22:23:19

Is anyone in the same situation? Our catchment school is Ridgefield and Queen Emma. However, Ridgefield is much closer to us. From what we know the School has improved recently a lot. Would you be worried to send your child there? We have a bit mixed feelings. Does anyone have a child there? Are you happy with the School?

woolly76 Tue 11-Nov-14 10:04:27

I have children at St Philips and know people with children at QE. They say it is a good school, though the downside is that there is less sense of community at a school with a very wide catchment, for this reason they left and went local when a place eventually came up. Heard very good things about Ridgefield. I agonised over all of this and very much underestimated locality and distance, I am so glad we chose the school nearest to us. The children have friends on every street surrounding us

Artepka Tue 11-Nov-14 15:30:01

Thank you very much for this. It is really helpful. I find the distance and friends around also important. I have compared SATS (4+) (Morley, St Philips, St Matthews, Ridgefield) and they are very much the same so I think the Mumsnet opinions about St Philips and Ridgefield I have found here are based on the past. If I understand it correctly Ridgefield was even better than St Matthews at Writing and Maths this year. However, I am not interested only in Ofsted and SATS and that is why I really want to hear from parents involved.

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