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Does a school PTA need a gaming license?

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mckenzie Wed 05-Nov-14 15:13:58

For a Christmas raffle? We are a registered charity.
Does it depend on tickets being sold prior to the event?
Or is it if tickets are actually printed?


HemlockStarglimmer Wed 05-Nov-14 15:34:11

PatriciaHolm Wed 05-Nov-14 15:59:17

If you wish to sell tickets ahead of the event, yes you do, you need to register with your local authority. It costs £21 so not expensive and our council will take payment over the phone so pretty easy; the licence lasts a year.

You don't need one if all tickets are sold at the event, and the draw takes place during the event.

If you print tickets, they must show the name of the society or local authority, the ticket price, the name and address of the organiser and the date of the draw.

TalkinPeace Wed 05-Nov-14 17:51:26

check the accounts files - there is usually an annual invoice from the local council authorising the licence - IIRC it was around £30

mckenzie Thu 06-Nov-14 13:58:55

Thanks very much guys.
I've been involved with a PTA for some years now and never knew about
That's very handy. Thanks muchly.

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