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Eltham College at 7+

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ChalkyC Tue 28-Oct-14 08:10:01

Does anyone have any experience of applying for entry to Eltham College at 7 from a state primary sch? Do-able? Very selective? Pipe dream?!? Thanks

blueshoes Tue 28-Oct-14 09:09:57

For this year 3, out of an intake of 46 pupils, I think about 8 were from state schools, mostly faith and academy.

Then again, that may not due to anything other than private school parents, some of whose children are attending pre-preps, are more likely to apply since they are used to paying school fees.

My son did very little preparation other than a few bond papers with us. Of those in his private school that took the test, about half got in and the other half did not.

Definitely not a pipe dream and worth a try. It is difficult to coach for the 7+ because the raw material is not always willing. Is your son bright in math and English?

ChalkyC Tue 28-Oct-14 09:45:24

He's only 5 (yr 1) at the moment - he's not been particularly quick at reading etc but he's pretty switched on. Deliberating over looking at this or trying to transfer him to a prep now/for year 2 onwards....

cobwebmockingbird Mon 02-Feb-15 10:11:23

They do come from state schools in Y3 and the school seems quite good at detecting potential in the tests in Y2 even if reading and writing are average. A few empty spaces are filled up as late as the September they begin, or when a child leaves. They work them hard in Y3 and you can see great progress especially from state schools. Does not seem highly selective for Y3, but slightly more so for getting into the senior school. That can make Y5&6 stressful. And not all get in to Senior School from Junior School. I'd recommend a prep if not sure, but only because of what happens in Y5&6. Lower down, school is lovely!!

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