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London Christian School

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UsernameAlreadyInUse Tue 21-Oct-14 12:51:32

I have my DCs' names registered for this school and was wondering if any current parents could share their views with me. I read the recent ISI report and was a bit worried to read about the 'restless and inattentive' children in some of the classes. Can anyone shed any light on this? We got such a positive impression when we did the tour and people I've spoken to about the school all say good things (secondhand, mind you - along the lines of 'oh yes, my neighbour's kids go there and love it' etc) but if I'm paying I really don't want to pay for my children to experience lacklustre teaching and low-level disruption! How reliable are ISI reports? There were a few comments that made me wonder about the robustness of the governors and their relationship with the headmistress as well.

Any views much appreciated!

DizzyDalmation Tue 21-Oct-14 21:31:50

No experience of that specific school but did send DC to independent schools.
ISI reports tend to be more positive than Ofsted, but are still valuable. It would really alarm me if an ISI report was so negative. Usually they give just one small thing for the school to improve on - anything more is a sign of issues.
Personally, if I was paying I would not be choosing a school which I have any doubts about and did not know was widely respected. I would go for a school with a better reputation. Especially as it is a new school I would be wary as you don't know how much money there is and how full it is, it could all potentially fold and close.
Have a look around at other schools and only stick with it if you are certain it is right.

UsernameAlreadyInUse Sat 25-Oct-14 20:18:07


pyrrah Wed 29-Oct-14 10:20:47

I know a lot of people whose children go there - my next-door neighbour's 3 boys and there are always at least 5 families on the same bus as me & DD every morning.

They are all very happy with it, the children on the bus are always well behaved and polite, and the parents seem nice whenever I've chatted to them.

Academic standards seem good as well judging by the kind of reading books that the children are doing on the bus.

Certainly never heard anything negative about it.

We're heathens so didn't consider it, although our neighbour dropped round the prospectus and recommended it when we weren't sure that DD would get any school place. He said that despite the name, it's not particularly religion heavy and there are plenty of children there whose parents are of our faiths or even atheists.

So no first-hand experience I'm afraid.

pyrrah Wed 29-Oct-14 10:22:18

'other faiths' not 'our faiths'...

BeamMeUpNowPlease Sat 01-Nov-14 12:19:26

I think it works well for some children but not others. Children who are quiet and obedient and willing to follow orders seem to be better suited to the school. It seems to be outcome-driven rather than process-driven. Teaching staff is, imo, not very experienced. Headteacher is not visible. There are not a lot of alternatives in the area -- so if you don't get into a good state school, of which there are few in that area, you don't have much of a choice but to go to LCS (assuming you can afford it/get a bursary). I think there are people there who would not be there if there were an alternative.

UsernameAlreadyInUse Sat 01-Nov-14 21:03:14

Oh dear. We have a couple of backup schools but they aren't half as convenient. I suspect though that a lot of people in that area of London go private due to the alternatives so that wouldn't put me off per se.

I have heard a couple of people make similar comments about the teaching staff. They definitely seem to have a high proportion of smiley shiny young things. Interesting comment about the principal - what is she doing?

What happens to bouncy children (mine are quite bouncy)? Do they get shoulder tapped to leave?

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