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Lovely lovely homework

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momb Thu 09-Oct-14 20:25:30

My Yd has just gone up to middle school (Y5). We are losing the 3 tier system here from next year for financial/political reasons and as part of the campaign our previously Good middle school was subjected to an OFSTED inspection last year (only a year after the last one) which downgraded it from Good to Requires Improvement. As a parent I was worried that not only was my child going to be subjected to three schools in three years but also that the strong school she was off to was apparently not as strong as we thought.
I am so impressed. She's shattered, of course, by the change from primary 'all in one class' to the 'moving about the school' scenario, but is having such a lovely time. The homework is amazing. I've always been a bit 'meh' about the idea of it at primary level apart from reading, but she has been given such brilliant, engaging, small projects: every night she has a little task; design a wordsearch using adjectives from your reading book; look on a map of Europe and find the country that looks like a boot, darw it, label it and find five facts; throw a dice 30 times and draw a bar graph of the frequency of each number; open the phone book and manipulate the last 5 digits of 20 different numbers chosen at random; go on the French language website and find six colours while paying a game.
Is this what it should be? ED's school experience was nothing like this in Y5. Is this a normal experience?

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