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Lee manor / brindishe lee head teacher

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Janddf Tue 07-Oct-14 13:39:42

Hi - we went to view Brindishe Lee school in Lee/Lewisham this morning and loved the school but got a strange vibe from the head teacher. Can any parents let me know if they have any experiences with the head please?

Racer5 Sat 11-Oct-14 22:53:48

I also loved the school - it was so calm and the children seemed to love what they were doing. I had a long chat with the new head and was very impressed. She knows her clientele really well. I know from friends who have children there that she came to the school with a really good reputation from one of the other Brindishe school and they were really impressed with how she taught their son. I just hope my dd gets in. Fingers and everything else crossed!

Janddf Thu 16-Oct-14 12:26:13

Thank you! This helps a lot. Perhaps she was having an off day.

Racer5 Sun 09-Nov-14 23:12:53

Really hoping for a place at Brindishe Manor or Brindishe Green. They tick all my boxes in terms of matching the community we know . Can't be doing with 'mums without a job' s views on schools and head teachers so glad to meet up with some non-moaning mummies at the weekend in MHGdns. (Have met some extremely opinionated people during my school search for dd- sorry janddf, if you're not really one of these, but do get p...d off listening to people who seem to think they know all about schools because they went to one themselves once!). Anyone else living Holme Lacey road with a place there this year?

hannahjm81 Sun 14-Jun-15 21:49:28

Hello all! I was wondering what distances were generally considered for primary schools around Lee/Hither Green? Our closest is brindische lee which is just over 400m but I've seen some posts which say under 200-300m! Seems crazy!! xx

mrsvilliers Mon 15-Jun-15 14:47:27

Hi OP, the furthest distance offered this year was 161m and only seven places were offered on distance. It was insane.

SE13Mummy Sun 21-Jun-15 21:59:40

Reception places in Hither Green are at a premium in spite of there being five schools within a stone's throw ofeach . It's worth looking at the Lewisham 'starting school' booklet for an idea of how far from the school, the furthest place was offered. A number of families who live on Burnt Ash/Micheldever Road missed out on being allocated a place at any of the local schools and were offered Forster Park instead. Living 400m away is unlikely to secure you a place at any of the smaller schools locally so it's wise to ensure you visit Forster Park and Horn Park schools and be realistic about your chances of getting in.

St Winifred's school is currently consulting to become a primary school instead of two separate schools and will expand to a 2-form-entry intake. What the area really needs is an extra infant school (thereis capacity to take more children in KS2 locally) but the government have decreed that new schools must be free schools or academies. Brindishe Lee is a small school and could reasonably be expanded by moving the infants into the vacated St Winifred's building when that happens but I doubt that would be popular with the Brindishe federation.

Are you a member of Mummy's Gin Fund, the local online forum for parents? It's full of information about school places (and other stuff).

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