Attn: North Bridge House Parents: Changes - Positive?

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2muchcoffee Mon 15-Sep-14 19:00:49

Hi all - I'm a parent of two NBH kids, one at nursery and one at the junior school, and I just wanted to see if I could start a conversation with some of the other NBH parents out there. I am certainly not rubbishing the school, both of my kids are very happy there and are doing well. However there have been loads of changes recently which, although possibly in the interest of the kids and the school as a whole in the long-run, seem to be creating an awful lot of upheaval in the short-term. Anyone else feeling that way? Btw, I'm interested in hearing from parents at all the schools, including the prep and the senior schools. Thx!

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InglenookNW6 Tue 16-Sep-14 12:52:47

So it�s not just me. I was hoping to ask whether any other parents at NBH Junior had been told that their children are not allowed to play with balls at playtime? Not sure if it was my DC alone was stopped or if it is a new policy. Either way I�m not very happy and will looking in to it. Otherwise in class DC is very happy and the teacher made the transition from Reception a very positive experience.

2muchcoffee Wed 17-Sep-14 09:16:16

Hi Inglenook. That's definitely part of what I am talking about- lots of new seemingly arbitrary rules and regs and quite a lot stricter than it had been previously. I would assume this was due to the fact that my first child is just getting older and they're placing higher expectations etc, but it seems to be happening at the nursery also. I'm not anti-structure by any stretch, but the ethos seems somehow shifted/shifting in the same direction as some of the other schools we had decided against because they were so buttoned-up and bordering on hot-house-y. I'm concerned Nbh is pushing in that direction.

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InglenookNW6 Wed 17-Sep-14 13:06:11

2muchcoffee – I've just seen the NBH Nursery/Junior Head’s re-branding letter where it states that the “core purpose of the Junior school is to prepare children for our Prep school”!!! I thought the core purpose was to provide a caring and expansive education for my DC. Perhaps this explains some of what you’re feeling too. I don’t wish to be limited to a factory education for my DC - I will make appropriate school choices at the correct time. I hope that as the new school year progresses more of the previous independent charm re-emerges focusing on our children, not policies and marketing. What do others think?

sh77 Wed 17-Sep-14 17:13:35

Please could you share your experiences and thoughts on the nursery as I have been thinking of applying for ds?

Davros Wed 17-Sep-14 17:14:27

My DD just moved to NBH senior having been through NBH since nursery. No balls or running in the prep (never sure which years that actually means!) school or shall I say Gloucester ave site is not new. Tedious but not new!

2muchcoffee Wed 17-Sep-14 19:19:24

Sh77, I really have to say that our experience at the nursery was and continues to be excellent. The teachers have all taken the time to know my kids and, certainly in the case of my older child, have instilled a love of learning - kid 1 reads constantly now. And both of our children are honestly excited each morning to go to school. So up to this point, we've been thrilled. Davros'comment also gives me confidence. I had worried that the sudden seeming increase in discipline was new, but it may well be just part of advancing through the stages. The only thing I would say is that it is quite clear from my perspective, based on letters home and comments I'm reading here, as well as from the curriculum meeting this evening, that the administration seems to be aiming at intensifying the academics and upping the school's reputation further. I do think this may mean it loses some of it's homespun soft edges which had initially drawn us in. I'm ambivalent about that. I think it could become a fairly intense environment. But maybe that's what it's always been and I was deluded. I guess time will tell?

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InglenookNW6 Thu 18-Sep-14 16:20:04

I missed the curriculum evening which is a shame. I was reflecting that maybe the increase in formality, policies, rules etc is a tightening up by Cognita after the incident last year with a staff member at their Southbank school. I place child safety very highly, but hope this is not an excuse to homogenise all of Cognita education. NBH has some wonderful teachers and I hope my DC�s teacher is allowed the freedom to keep DC�s days special whilst also educational.

nemo123 Mon 22-Sep-14 10:57:58

Hi there

Can anyone who has a child at North Bridge House Senior school please comment on the quality of the teaching? I think this is the most important element of any school, but it's impossible to find out the details other than to ask parents directly. I'm particularly interested in Maths and Sciences. Many thanks

Davros Mon 22-Sep-14 17:43:27

I would help you if I could but DD only started there this term. I'll let you know if I can say anything for certain. All seems very good so far but academics are not our priority although we do expect decent teachers (unlike the dimwit/airhead DD had in year 6 at NBH!)

horsemadmom Mon 22-Sep-14 20:58:36

Wow, Davros! Who did your DD have? PM me.

Davros Mon 22-Sep-14 23:30:50

I will but I'm out all day tomorrow. I won't forget

Davros Wed 24-Sep-14 09:05:45

Horsemadmum, just PMd you. If anyone wants my marvellous insights into NBH Year 6, please let me know, ha ha!

ChocolateWomble Sat 27-Sep-14 22:32:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

InglenookNW6 Mon 06-Oct-14 13:17:38

Chatted to Year 2 mums today about a group meeting with the Headmistress this afternoon about staff absence in one of their classes. It will be interesting to hear the outcome, as I am not convinced the situation is unique to Year 2 and worry the upheaval that 2muchcoffee mentions is having a impact on the staff and DCs education.

Vivisal Thu 25-Dec-14 01:33:19

Oh my, a bit worried looking at all these posts. Am seriously considering NBH for DD at nursery. Am I making a mistake??

Xashax007 Sun 28-Dec-14 20:30:12

Should I be crossing NBH from my DS's list? Hahaha


Gabriel10 Fri 13-Feb-15 11:50:35

If you have a not go to Northbridge House Prep !! Their pastoral care is dreadful and their policy on bullying is non existent. The Head is a salesman and does not have your childs interests at heart..only your wallet ! Don't get me started on their year 6 form teacher...He is a bully, an opinion shared by many other parents ! We were called to a meeting because my son had forgotton his trumpet !!! . I have friends who share a similar opinion and have pulled their sons out of the prep school.

Blissbird Mon 16-Feb-15 17:13:28

I have a child in the class that has seen 3 teachers and two TA since Sept last year at NBH.
It is affecting the education of the children but my understanding is its not a wide spread issue across the school.
The school is going through dramatic changes and they are indeed pushing into a new area and class of school. NBH soft edges are gone or going fast. The pre-prep has not been getting pupils to the level required for the prep and that has now changed. Focus since Christmas has changed and they are now push academics like never before. This is having a dramatic affect on teachers and pupils as they need to push forward fast to get the level righ for the end of the school year.
Their plan is to raise up the league tables and be knows as an academic school of choice to compete as an alternative to High gate. This is not the reason I chose this school. If your not wanting a hot house of academic's first then look at different schools.

AngelOversees Fri 03-Apr-15 09:22:50

Hi I'm interested in NBH senior school but because it's so new there is no information and no reporting, is that a big risk for a child? I have a few years before my son will be 13 so i have time to watch the schools performance, but it would still be interesting to know if anyone has any information or information about the senior school...

Mandzi34 Fri 03-Apr-15 21:37:01

I used to know a lot about NBH Senior and Upper Prep when they were based at Gloucester Avenue. A family run business who took the children and parents seriously. Who is the Head these days?

Lovkesh Mon 14-Dec-15 11:24:35

Hello Zombie,

I was going through this theard and like to know more about the North Bridge House Nursery School. We got offer from the school for Sep 2016 Reception class for my son. Please could you guide us whether you are satisfied with the school ? We are looking for the Acedemics school for my son. Thanks in advance for your response.


Mosa4eva Fri 03-Feb-17 17:23:10

Please anyone moving to London in September it's been horrible trying to find a school for my son who will be in year 3 all the schools won't accept him on assessments and the ones that are non selective are very few I have a choice btw Saint Nicholas and NBH prep but both reviews on both schools is negative from the parents so I am so stuck! Your advise would be highly appreciated! Thank you!

sanam2010 Fri 03-Feb-17 17:31:34

try sinclair house school in fulham, much nicer!

Mosa4eva Fri 03-Feb-17 20:08:49

Thank you sanam! I have just emailed them and waiting to see what they say...I never thought how difficult or stressful getting my kids into london schools would be! And I thought university would be the hardest part obviously not! Thank you will let you know what they say!

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