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waitlists - newnham Vs canon lane

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rjain Fri 12-Sep-14 12:44:25

Hello mums,

I am new to this group and this country and so not sure how the system works. As of now my DD is going to Harlyn school which is a good 40 mins journey by bus and walk.

She is on wait list 2 at newnham and 6 at canon lane. How soon do wait listed students generally get a place at a preferred school. I have heard all 3 schools are very good but I would love to hear if any one could kindly tell me strengths and weak points of Newnham Vs Canon Lane.

Many thanks in advance.

rjain Mon 22-Sep-14 12:08:16


If anyone has children's going to Canon lane infant or Newnham junior school, kindly give me some feedback. I read the ofsted reports.
I also realized that Canon Lane's last inspection was done only in 2008.

The schools do not have any open days until mid october.

Your help is much appreciated.


Subha217 Tue 16-Aug-16 08:46:50


We are planning to apply for cannon or newnham school in that area for our DD, but newnham is in Hillingdon council and Cannon is in Harrow council.. Will it be possible to list both these schools in the short-listed list ?

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