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Yerbury primary school following head teacher change

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pragmaticfrog Sun 31-Aug-14 22:05:03

Hello, I am looking at houses in the catchment of Yerbury primary but am aware that the longstanding head teacher stepped down a year ago. I've heard of teachers leaving in droves and the new head teacher taking time off because of the pressure. The school was last rated outstanding a full 5 years ago... What do parents think? Is this still a school that is worth paying a big premium for?
Many thanks

afussyphase Tue 02-Sep-14 11:08:44

I don't know the situation in detail (though I know someone who does) but I think assuming that it will continue as it was 5 years ago, and paying a big premium as a consequence, might be a mistake. The new head apparently has a very different style and there have been some big changes.

nlondondad Thu 04-Sep-14 18:27:48

I dont know anything about the actual situation in Yerbury, but I would point out the Mary Gibson gave good notice she was retiring, and that meant the Governing Body were able to carry out an appointment process in an orderly manner. They would have put a lot of effort into getting a good replacement.

Of course a new Head will bring changes; that need not be a bad thing.

The departure of the head they were used to working with may have encouraged some teachers to choose to move on at that point. After all moving schools means learning to work with a new Head, and so you might choose to move when staying where you are ALSO means working with a new Head!

However I am a bit concerned by the reference to the "premium". Its a fact of life I know, but a situation were a small number of schools get labeled " Trophy Schools" is really most unhelpful to everyone. There are a lot of good schools in the area, Yerbury need not be the "only one".

So I have no reason to believe that Yerbury problematic but I dont think the neighbouring schools are either.

Uassamba79 Thu 22-Sep-16 17:08:25

Hi there I wonder if someone could help me.
I have just been offered a place in two schools one Yerbury and the other Whitehall park. The only thing that is making me not sure about Yerbury is the fact that children don't wear uniform and I was also told that teachers are call by their first name.
Whitehall park well what can I say the new school is still under construction, their communication is really bad (take a week just to respond to emails).

Can somebody help me please

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Thu 22-Sep-16 21:39:29

Why are you concerned by the lack of uniform, and children calling teachers by their first names?

Uassamba79 Thu 22-Sep-16 22:17:45

I think it's too informal? That's my view hence why I'm asking for opinion on this matter!

Vinorosso74 Fri 23-Sep-16 12:59:08

There's a few schools in the area near Yerbury without uniform and where the children call teachers by their first name. These schools are also strong performing schools so I don't think a school has to be formal to be good.
I think calling people title & surname is quite old fashioned and is being used less often in the wider world. I have no strong opinions either way on uniform except when schools have ridiculously petty rules about it or the uniforms are overpriced and poor quality.

Uassamba79 Fri 23-Sep-16 13:21:32

Thank you for your comments much appreciated.

Any comments about both schools?

noexit Fri 23-Sep-16 13:39:03

Only have experience of Whitehall Park Uassamba79 and it is great, my child loves it and is doing really well. I'm guessing the lack of communication may have coincided with their move over the summer while the building work is being finished as they are usually really responsive. (doesn't help you but a possible reason).

Vinorosso74 Fri 23-Sep-16 14:21:54

A child my DD was at nursery with is at Whitehall Park, child and parents happy. Yerbury is a highly desirable primary and we looked around and put it as second choice when applying. The children were clearly happy and do well. It did seem very white middle class for an Islington primary and the deputy head put me off slightly (I think he may have left now).
Have you looked around either school? Ok Whitehall Park may be hard to right now.

NorfLondon16 Sun 25-Sep-16 01:28:33

I'd personally chose Yebury over Whitehall Park any day. I base this on the teachers I know and people going to the schools.

Oh, and uniform or not. Really? Behaviour does not sit in the clothes but how your are taught (in school and at home) to respect others.

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