Gayhurst Community School, Hackney - anyone who is familiar with the school?

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piattobianco Fri 29-Aug-14 09:24:45

Hello!! I think I may have posted my thread on the 'wrong' page so I'm going to give this a go. We live in the catchment area for Gayhurst in Hackney E8 and I would be really curious to find out if there are any parents out there who has first-hand experience of the school, be it through their children, or neighbours' children! It looks like a lovely school from the outside, but it is the largest school in Hackney (with their 2 1/2 form intake) which is a bit daunting for someone who is used to very small schools (I grew up on the Dutch countryside) and I am somewhat confused by the shared headteacher set-up with another Hackney school.

How much do they make use of London Fields and the Lido for outdoor activities? Do the children get involved in more 'arty' subjects, such as music and drama? What the extra-curricular activities like? Do parents tend to get involved a lot? What are the teachers like, especially in the mixed year groups?

Any insight - positive or negative - would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much in advance!!

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user1488038434 Thu 31-May-18 00:35:24

Hello, did you consider Gayhurst afterall?

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