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English homework help! Parts of speech

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Chewbecca Wed 27-Aug-14 13:03:19

DS has completed his homework & I'm trying to check it so we can talk through the errors & he can learn something from it..... Trouble is, I myself am not 100% sure of the right answers!

Can you help pls? The sentence is A small timid child spoke quietly to the towering teacher . He has to identify the parts of speech for small, child, spoke, quietly, teacher, towering teacher and A. I think he's made quite a lot of errors but need a bit more confidence in my answer before discussing!

I think it is:
Small: adjective
Child: noun
Spoke: verb
Quietly: adverb
Teacher: noun
Towering teacher: adjective
A: article

How many did I get?! Which are wrong?

(There is a second sentence too but let's start here!)

mrz Wed 27-Aug-14 13:22:26

adjective noun verb adverb noun adjective (towering could be acting as a verb but I'd be inclinded to go with the straightforward choice)

DoctorDonnaNoble Wed 27-Aug-14 13:30:32

Seems right to me - what's he put?

TortoiseUpATreeAgain Wed 27-Aug-14 13:40:49

Depend how detailed you want to get. You could expand your answer to say that "towering" is a participle acting as an adjective. "The towering teacher" is a noun phrase, albeit a very simple one.

mrz Wed 27-Aug-14 13:45:17

It really depends on the year group ?

TortoiseUpATreeAgain Wed 27-Aug-14 13:49:05

Stalking your other threads, is he just starting Y6?

Chewbecca Wed 27-Aug-14 13:57:07

Yes, he's going into yr6. He only got 3/7 right so a chat is needed!

Thanks, I am chuffed I got them all (sort of) right! I think my English is generally good but I've never focussed on the labelling of words, it's not something I remember studying at all at school.

mrz Fri 29-Aug-14 11:36:57

In Y6 I would expect the teacher may want more detailed response

Azrael01 Thu 04-Sep-14 17:22:49

When I was in junior school we all had to learn a poem which helped me greatly with this and still sticks in my head today. This may help your DS?

Nouns are names of everything,
Like width or wisdom, child or swing.

Adjectives tell about a noun,
Like great, small, lovely, rich or brown.

Instead of nouns the pronouns stand,
He for John, she for Anne, it for hand.

Verbs express action such as run,
Will read, is building or has done.

How things are done the adverbs tell,
Like slowly, quickly, badly, well.

Conjunctions join the words together,
Like boys and girls, wool or leather.

The preposition stands before
The noun as at or through the door.

The interjection you exclaim,
Like Ugh! It smells, or Oh! He’s vain.

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