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primary school worries

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helpplease1 Mon 25-Aug-14 22:53:17

Am i right in thinking you are guaranteed a place for child once they start primary school providing you fall under that catchment area?

Thinking of moving to Balerno, specifically for the local primary school. It would be a disaster if we sold up from where we currently are and moved to balerno they got told school was over subscribed.

Anyone have any thoughts on this or the school (Dean park primary)?


WaffleWiffle Mon 25-Aug-14 22:55:16

You don't get a guaranteed place.

MaudantWit Mon 25-Aug-14 22:57:05

It all depends on the over subscription criteria for the school. In England, some schools are oversubscribed and there are not enough places for all the children living in the catchment area. In that case, places are usually awarded according to who lives closest to the school.

Is the school you mentioned in England? You should be able to check its oversubscription criteria online.

Farahilda Mon 25-Aug-14 23:01:07

Balerno is in Scotland, so yes everyone there is entitled to a place at the catchment school.

BackforGood Mon 25-Aug-14 23:01:24

It's different in each authority. We don't have catchment areas here. You need to check specifically with that authority.

Oakmaiden Mon 25-Aug-14 23:05:34

I had a look at the Edinburgh website for you - it says that if the school is full you would be put on a waiting list, so that seems to infer that you are not guaranteed a place just because you live in catchment. Easiest thing to do would be phone the council and enquire.

helpplease1 Thu 28-Aug-14 07:25:38

Many thanks for all of the replies - appreciate it !!

cloutiedumpling Thu 28-Aug-14 12:28:33

Almost all people living in catchment will get into their local school. It is very unusual (but not unheard of) for children not to get into their local school. In that situation the LA will arrange for transport to take the kids to the next nearest school that has places.

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