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Forums for private school parents?

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GingerDoodle Mon 25-Aug-14 10:34:17

Hi all

We are seriously considering a local prep school for our DD (nothing against state - would prefer it, but our local is not great and we only have the 1 in our catchment area).

I'm happy with our choice but would like to chat / be in contact with other parents who have made the same choice; none of our friends / local mums are going down that route.

The school doesn't appear to have a Facebook page (she's only 2 so have a few more years before going) so I was wondering if a forum or network even existed looking a private schools more generally?



JammieMummy Mon 25-Aug-14 11:47:44


If you find one let me know! We had the same concerns but I have to say a good prep school will enable you to make lots of friends. Our DD has been at her prep, in the nursery, for a year now and DH and my social life has changed immeasurably! I think a lot of parents will be in your position you just need to hang on in there until she starts in a years time. In the mean time my DD is a bit older than yours but happy to chat and compare notes!

BramwellBrown Mon 25-Aug-14 15:42:38

I've not found a forum either, I could have done with one last year when I was worried about DD starting/had stupid questions to ask. There are quite a few people on MN with kids at private who are usually quite helpful.

Are you sure she's got a few years though? DDs school and all the other preps I looked at start from 3 years.

lunar1 Mon 25-Aug-14 16:10:59

Lots of us here use private schools. Are you questions specific to one school or general?

alwaysdoinglaundry Mon 25-Aug-14 17:05:08

Lots of private school parents here,just ignore the odd snarky comments! What did you want to discuss? Which school is it? Selective or not?

GingerDoodle Wed 27-Aug-14 09:06:48


Thats interesting - think I may set up a Facebook group; glad I'm not the only one!

My DD won't go until Sept 17 as she is a September baby (27th to be exact) so will be probably the oldest in her class. The school doesn't have a nursery.

The School is Cottesmore. Its a boarding school but she would go as a day pupil (they have the option to stay over a cpl of nights inc. in the fees) as we live 15 min away.

Finance wise we can just about afford it- i'll be going back to work to cover the fees. Otherwise I think my only wobble (and its a while anyway) is the once she moves up to the prep the school runs Mon - Sat and the is church on a Sunday evening (its CoE). Not something we are used to!

Our alternative was Copthorne which is an equal distance but we were swayed by the school itself (its beautiful and I really liked both treaters and students) and its track record for senior schools.

alwaysdoinglaundry Wed 27-Aug-14 11:13:22

Check with the school, many will offer a small discount if you can pay the full year in advance (if you're in a position to do this).

JammieMummy Wed 27-Aug-14 17:18:47

Ow, I was looking at Cottesmore recently as we might have had to move area due to DH's job. I loved the look of the school!!! It is beautiful on the outside and the description of the type of child it suits was my DC to a T. Unfortunately, it now seems that we will not be moving (good as DD is settled in her school) but I at least know the school you are talking about.

Lots of prep schools (especially boys only or what once was) have Saturday school. I anticipate my DC will want to board in the higher years to some extent. It is not something they will have to do but knowing their personalities and how well the schools "sell" boarding I am preparing myself for that now!

Where is your DD going to go for nursery?

goinggetstough Wed 27-Aug-14 19:24:10

ginger Cottesmore is a lovely school. Do though keep an eye on the number of girls. My knowledge is from a few years ago and relates to the prep school part, but the number of girls dropped. I think about the same time they opened the school to more day children. They always used to market themselves as one of the few full boarding schools in the country, but changed I assume to keep numbers up.

GingerDoodle Thu 28-Aug-14 10:17:57

Thanks for all your input; we've not decided on a nursery yet Cranbrook is a potential tho.

jammgoinggetsough & JammieMummy - where do your DC's go if you don't mind me asking?

JammieMummy Thu 28-Aug-14 12:20:31

DD goes to a small little known prep in Guildford called Rydes Hill. A very nurturing environment where they children figure out their own strengths and weaknesses to a large extent.

DS will be going to either Woodcote House or Aldro, but he has a little way to go yet (both 7+ schools and he is still in nursery). His name is down for both and we will make the decision later on as to which one suits him best.

They are both at single sex schools, not because I am a huge advocate of them but because they were the right schools for them. There are a lot of things to think about before they start! But thus far it has only been a positive experience for us (both DH and I went to state schools so our first, first hand experience of the private sector).

Mutteroo Thu 28-Aug-14 14:21:48

I'm from the area and always thought Cottesmore looked like a beautiful school in a beautiful setting. I know nothing about the school now apart from seeing it is taking younger children and day pupils. This could just be because the market has changed so always keep an eye on pupil numbers and finances if you have any concerns.

My DC started in private schools a few years ago now and I read lots of information from here (and still do). I'm yet to come across a forum for private school parents but there are lots on mumsnet.

It's not going to be as scary as you believe, I can assure you of that

GingerDoodle Wed 03-Sep-14 16:17:57

Thanks for all the support! Im not sure if i'm allowed to link (admin please remove if not) but i've set up a closed group on Facebook to connect parents with children / prospective children at independent schools:

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