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Primary school..Please help

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sarithasangam Thu 21-Aug-14 13:01:00

I have moved from India recently to UK. I stay in Croydon. The council has offered me a school which is 3.5 miles away from my home. However, I asked them if I am eligible for a bus pass as I have to pick him and drop. It has been 2 weeks and have not heard from them. The school is opening next week and can anyone tell me how how to solve this?

SavoyCabbage Thu 21-Aug-14 13:03:59

Have you contacted them again?

hollie84 Thu 21-Aug-14 13:05:42

I think if you should get a bus pass if that is the nearest school you were offered and it is over 3 miles. I would keep calling the council about it.

titchy Thu 21-Aug-14 13:08:57

Normally parents are NOT eligible for transport, only the child if the allocated school is over two miles away. However as your child is entitled to free bus and tram travel anyway Croydon will probably not provide specific transport for him and you will have to pay your own fare to take him. Sorry.

NotCitrus Thu 21-Aug-14 13:09:31

Is it primary or secondary? For secondary the bus pass would be for the child, not you. Not sure about primary, but yes, keep calling the council for an answer.
What sort of visa are you on? Does it say "no recourse to public funds"? If so you may not be entitled, but again I don't know.

tiggytape Thu 21-Aug-14 13:16:10

Free transport only applies to the child not to the parents even at primary school age.
Since Croydon is a London borough, children travel free on buses anyway (but not trains) so this may be the council's solution assuming the school is accessible by bus. Have the council replied about just DS's transport arrangements or not at all?

sarithasangam Wed 27-Aug-14 12:49:22

Thanks for the reply,I have not received any call from the council.Admitting in school has become a challenge to me. Yesterday I called up the school to ask when I should go and pick up the admission kit, she says they might have to do some paper work and he will not be able to join when the term starts and the council has got nothing to do with the school.. I am so confused and getting disgusted.

what should I do?

BramwellBrown Wed 27-Aug-14 14:06:24

Have the school said when he will be able to join and why it won't be at the start of the term?

If not call the school back and ask, if they have then phone the person who originally told you he had a place and tell them what the school has said and ask how to sort it. You just have to keep talking to the school and the council until you get some answers.

Good Luck.

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