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Chorleywood Primary Schools

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LTRM Tue 12-Aug-14 09:35:59

Good Morning,

My husband, kids and I are making a move to Chorleywood and have a couple of houses in the pipeline that we love. One is in the town centre so is in the catchment area for The Russell. The other is further out in Heronsgate so would be in the catchment of Chorleywood Primary. I am aware that CP has recently had fantastic SATS results and a good Ofsted report, but know that The Russell probably has a better reputation. Can anyone shed any more light on the differences or any pros and cons of either school? I'm also keen to hear about the pros and cons of living in the town centre vs Heronsgate. We won't be moving for a very long time after this move so are feeling the pressure to get it right!

As far as we can see, the town centre has the advantages of being close to the shops, the common, the station, Clement Danes, several pubs and The Russell. Heronsgate feels more rural, is surrounded by green areas, has less housing and traffic, is near an excellent nursery and is close to Chorleywood Primary. On the flip side, the town centre is more built up and less rural whereas Heronsgate is more isolated, far from shops and doesn't seem to be quite as affluent (I hope that doesn't sound awful).

Any advice or opinions, particularly from voices of experience, would be most welcome.

Many thanks

netherstowey Tue 12-Aug-14 14:01:55

There really aren't any poor primary schools in Chorleywood but Christchurch, on the common, is probably considered the most high achieving. It might be advisable to check which is the nearest school to each of the houses interesting you as pressure on places in WD3 is tremendous at present and you might find that in reality you have no choice. . .You will have a place at your nearest school,using Herts measuring system.
St Clement Danes,like many other SW Herts schools is partially selective with a small proportion of distance places.
If you are buying in the former Chartist colony, which is Heronsgate, that is pretty exclusive and has the reputation of being extra affluent in a generally very wealthy area. Next to Heronsgate is The Swillett ,with small cottages. It's very expensive for the amount of cottage you get but historically, many years ago , was a working class area.Chorleywood is just very expensive!

LTRM Tue 12-Aug-14 14:14:36

Thanks so much for your prompt reply. That's just it - if we choose the town centre we'll get The Russell, if we choose Heronsgate we'll get CP. When I say Heronsgate I don't mean the fabulous mansions! I'm talking about the houses round Heronsgate Road, Stag Lane, Bullsland Lane etc. Perhaps it's incorrect to call this Heronsgate. We feel that reputation wise, the centre of town is considered a better location and so don't want to end up in an undesirable part of the town, if that makes sense!

netherstowey Tue 12-Aug-14 15:37:42

Understood. The area you describe is The Swillett. It's fine. Nowhere in Chorleywood is a wrong part of town. Maybe the town centre will feel busier? There is a great deal of community activity in Chorleywood and interesting goings on so you might want to be nearer the centre?
We relish the irony of the little cottages from the Chartist colony costing the earth now. They really aren't "mansions" and never were but it's pretty exclusive now.
School places are a problem in WD3 but I guess you know that.
Good luck with the house hunting.

vinadanimex Thu 08-Jan-15 03:03:16

A few quick thoughts (though the move is already, probably, made, and if your kids are in Chorleywood Primary we may have already met...) - if only for the benefit of people who google mumsnet and chorleywood in your situation...

Think ahead. Russell, Christ Church or CWP are all good enough, but what matters more is being in the St Clement Danes catchment, which you almost definitely will be if you live in Heronsgate Road (or surrounding streets) but won't necessarily be if you live in Heronsgate village, for all it's other benefits. The usual catchment if you have no siblings, special needs etc is about 3 miles as the crow flies. SImilarly, go out to Loudwater, and you are taking a risk, as you are if you are in the Chorleywood-leaning parts of Mill End and Berry Lane...

Nowhere is the wrong part of Chorleywood - it's all good, and you generally get what you pay for. But some places are not just a longish walk from the station (obvious from google maps) but up some pretty massive hills (less so!) So there is a benefit to being close to the centre, and house prices reflect that - not just in distance but altitude.

d0nkeyk0ng Mon 23-Feb-15 22:16:19

Hi all, if this thread is still live, can anyone explain what the pressure on primary school places means? Would that mean you might live in the village yet not get a school place?
Thanks for any advice

sunnydayinmay Tue 24-Feb-15 08:32:02

Yes - the primaries are single form entry and the catchment varies year to year. The Russell had a bulge year a few years ago and siblings are taking many spaces.

TBH, all of the primaries are fine. There is a certain "snob" value to some schools (shoot me down for that grin grin grin ), but these are not always the best schools.

The most important thing to consider is secondary. The schools are part selective, and there are black holes for catchment. Heronsgate is lovely, for example, but long walk to tube, and not exactly on top of st clement dane school.

Hope your move went well, op.

thegreylady Tue 24-Feb-15 09:07:22

My dgc went to The Russell (dgs is still there) and have had a wonderfully balanced education. The school welcomes parents and there are lots of extra curricular activities.
Re Secondary, I have a dgd at St Clement Danes which is huge but has a good reputation. There are many options via 11+ but SCD is the best state school in the area.

d0nkeyk0ng Tue 24-Feb-15 11:22:36

Thanks, that's really helpful... Good to know we should get into to one of the schools (and that they are good) - the issue is that my husband does not drive so we'd really struggle with pick-up/drop-off if we were given a school in another village. It might mean me giving up work if we couldn't share it and I really want to keep working. With that in mind, do you think a family can get by in this part of the world with one not driving?
Thanks again

CeciCC Tue 24-Feb-15 13:21:41

Hello, I think if you move into Chorleywood village you shouldn't have a problem getting a place in one of the 3 primary schools. They are all very good and at the same time if you live in Chorleywood you shouldn't have a problem getting into SCD... as long as it is Chorleywood and not nearby areas as Mill end (William Penn Swimming pool area). My DDs went /are in CPS (youngest 1 year left) and we have been very happy with it. More so with the new HT, but I know people in the Russell and Christ Church and every one is very happy with their schools.
About being able to manage with just one parent driving, the problem is if you do activities outside Chorleywood (quite possible ) as there is a lot of activities within driving distance, may be just 5/10 minutes but walking would be too long. But it should be fine with primary schools. If you live within Chorleywood, you might have problems if your kids go to Christ Church... un less you live close to it and then walk, but you should be able to walk to Russell or CPS from almost anywhere in Chorleywood... and walking up/down those hills is a good workout!!!
Good luck on your move

sunnydayinmay Tue 24-Feb-15 15:06:11

Depends very much on where you are in Chorleywood - it is the hills that are a nightmare. Lots of families use one car, but that is because one of them uses the tube, and the parent with the car does the activities. There are lots of narrow lanes you wouldnt want to walk down.

Just wanted to mention that the Ricky schools are also very good (although many people in C/wood don't venture too far outside the village). The schools on Berry Lane, Ricky Park, St Marys etc. They all have ups and downs, as do The Russell, c/primary and C Church, but honestly all are fine (and don't believe a word ofsted say!)

As for secondary, most c/wood go for st CD, but Ricky is also a fine school. Watford has the Grammars (not true grammars, just part selective), and the new free school is also now up and running, although not in its final home.

PM me if you like. smile

d0nkeyk0ng Tue 24-Feb-15 16:07:47

Thanks everyone, this is really helpful - I'm really encouraged by how friendly Chorleywood seems to be!

Sunnyday, I will PM you, thanks very much

Australian79 Sun 08-Mar-15 20:43:08

Hi, does anyone have any experience or knowledge about getting into Chorleywood schools during the school year and after the normal reception entry.... We are moving back from abroad and into the area

CeciCC Mon 09-Mar-15 08:29:38

Hi there,
I am not very knowledgeable in the process outside normal reception entry, but I think you should phone the schools and ask if they have spaces in the years you are interested. All 3 primary schools in Chorleywood are good and some years are full and with waiting list. However WL go with distance to the school and not how long you've been waiting for a school place, so I would think, the closer to the school you would like for your kids the more chances to get a place.
Good luck with the move!!

LTRM Fri 27-Mar-15 20:43:11

Hi, I'm the OP of this thread and just checked it for the first time in ages! Just thought I'd update for anyone interested. We moved and are now living in Chorleywood. We live near The Swillet and all my reservations have completely disappeared. It's a gorgeous, peaceful, friendly spot. The Stag pub and Rootz Brasserie are both on the doorstep and both great for meals. Old Macdonald Nursery is a couple of minutes walk away and I'll be sending my baby there when we want him to start nursery. I looked around CWP school before we moved and loved it. Not only are their results superb but it was a friendly, warm school with a lovely headteacher. It is a forward thinking school which I like; they take on new initiatives and constantly strive to improve. Saying that, I would be happy if we got given the Russell but I have heard from many people that they have sat on their good reputation for a long time and are a bit of a coasting school. I believe this is changing under new leadership though. Chorleywood is very hilly! It takes around 18 mins to walk to the village and more back (uphill). It only takes 2 minutes in the car though and there is ample parking. All in all I don't regret anything about our move and would recommend it to anyone!

sunnydayinmay Fri 27-Mar-15 21:42:46

Glad you are settled in and enjoying it. Just across from the playground too.grin

Zenny123 Wed 18-Nov-15 22:19:52

Hello, thanks for sharing all this info ! we are hoping to move to Chorleywood too. Does anyone have any tips on getting into Christchurch school? Im a regular church goer over in Harrow and would switch to Chorleywood Christ church when we move, but not sure if that would help secure one of the thirty places at the school! Also, does anyone know if most the kids start there at nursery level and all move up? Thanks ! Z

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