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Any advice for where to buy shoes for very tall 10 year old

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Brighteyes27 Thu 07-Aug-14 21:36:44

I am struggling with school shoes for very tall 10 year old DD. She has very long feet measuring size 5.5H in Clarkes. I have visited our only two local shoe shops and between them we have the choice of two pairs of Clarkes lace up brogue shoes. I know these are really fashionable but my DD is a young 10 and hates the look of these with a passion (they do also emphasise the size/length of her feet). One pair priced at £48 and one £45. Neither look like they will be particularly long lasting, DD dosn't look after her things well, walks to school and is quite heavy on her feet. I wouldn't mind paying that price (as usually ended up paying around that price region anyway). If DD didn't absolutely hate these and they also looked a bit more durable. Anyone else have this trouble or know of any other brands/makes in a more girly style (ideally with a scuff guard or more durable material) over the toe made in this size. I have tried adults shoes but her feet are far too narrow at the back and boys shoes are a definite 'no no' with some of the little witches at her school.


nonicknameseemsavailable Thu 07-Aug-14 21:52:39

I used to hate school shoes as at that age I was a size 8 (and I am not even particularly tall) anyway we were limited to start rite, clarks or ecco.

I always had to have heel grips and insoles because my feet were also very narrow and I always felt the shoes were big and clompy so both she and you have my sympathy (DD1 is heading to be similar as well - she is a size 2 in Yr1)

According to Clarks website they do have other styles in that size, perhaps the store could order them in for you or you can order them yourself - free store delivery I believe

or you could contact startrite and find out where near you stocks their shoes

I don't think any girls shoes look very substantial now, the soles always look very flimsy to me.

CocktailQueen Thu 07-Aug-14 21:55:57

Clarks should have more styles in that size?
And also recommend startrite - try John Lewis as they stock them.
Marks and spencer has a good range of kids school shoes too.

Brighteyes27 Thu 07-Aug-14 22:18:58

Thanks all it's the half size and H fitting that is the problem. DD would have no chance keeping ballet pumps or slip on's on. Thanks I have found another pair on this site but they don't look as though they will stand up to the daily hammer. Years ago we had some continental shoes which were great as my DD actually outgrew them before she wore them out which was great but I can't remember the name name of them to search for stockists I think they may have been German or Italian. We don't have a John Lewis think but think we'll definitely have to hit a big city.

SixerofthePixies Thu 07-Aug-14 22:23:08

Hush puppies do the H's one example?

Independent shoe shops usually do a good range (but don't always ave websites)

SixerofthePixies Thu 07-Aug-14 22:24:18

Should have said hush puppies do a range of insoles for their shoes which the fitter will change according to your dd's feet

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 08-Aug-14 08:36:19

Independent shoe shops are the only way DD has massive feet that are incredibly wide. We have Clinkards locally who are fab. The current school shoes are a 6H in a pump style with Velcro strap and just happen to be clarks. Clinkards tell me we will be fine until she goes beyond an 8.
Oh yes DD is 10 too.

BetsyBoop Fri 08-Aug-14 10:08:27

Were the indestructible shoes Ricosta or Noel? (the only school shoes we've had that were outgrown rather than worn out!)

Toughees are fairly robust and not too expensive (A pair last DD a term at least, whereas Startrite/Clarks are lucky to last half a term!) They don't come in width fittings but are quite wide fitting.

An independent shop or buying online are the way to go IMO

(8yo DD is size 4.5 already, so we are rapidly heading in your DD's direction!)

Brighteyes27 Fri 08-Aug-14 21:46:00

Thanks all I am going to try an Independent at the weekend. I think it may have been Ricosta.

Romeyroo Fri 08-Aug-14 21:51:53

I ended up buying adult shoes for DD, who is 10 and also a 5 or a 5.5 depending on the brand. We got the adult ones in Clarks, just a pair of black shoes with a strap and a much better sole than their school shoes. They do extra wide fittings in adult shoes, though dd is an E. She really likes them.

I got her winter boots last year from the adult section too.

Romeyroo Fri 08-Aug-14 21:54:24

Oh sorry, I missed the bit where you said you had tried adult shoes.

TheScottishPlay Fri 08-Aug-14 22:06:41

We have just bought 10 year old DS Ricosta school shoes in size 6.5 from a local independent shoe shop. He had the same ones last year and they lasted all year.

dizzyday07 Fri 08-Aug-14 22:10:19

My DD will be 10 in Sept and will measure around a size 5 when we go for new shoes before school begins. Her problem is narrow feet with a high instep and low ankle bones! Getting them to fit properly has always been a problem as the "dolly" shoes which most styles seem to be variants of are too baggy around the front of her feet. I have just a look on the Clarks website and none of the styles in 5E will fit her sad

Could your DD wear some more substantial trainers/boots for the walk to school and then it won't be a problem if she only has thinner ones in school?

queenofthemountain Sun 10-Aug-14 14:31:12

Clarks do other style of school shoes in 5.5H like this

Brighteyes27 Mon 11-Aug-14 22:17:32

Went to an Independent who had about 4 or 5 pairs to choose from DD opted for Hush Puppies just hope they last but they are definitely more substantial looking and nicer than looking the offerings at Clarks.

Jinsei Mon 11-Aug-14 22:26:47

Glad you found something OP. Fwiw, Clarks will replace shoes if they fall apart before your dc grow out of them - may be worth knowing for the future.

Yolande7 Wed 20-Jan-16 13:24:48

Have a look at They have kids' shoes up to size 41 (some models, not all). They are expensive, but very good quality. One of my daughters manages to ruin shoes in a day, but these have lasted. We have bought their shoes for years now and never had an issue. If you check now, they have lots of models on sale.

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