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Purley and Sanderstead Primary Schools

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Icemi123 Tue 05-Aug-14 00:16:08

We live in Purley Oaks/South Croydon and are house hunting for good Primary catchment areas as we are currently in catchment for Purley Oaks Primary which does not have a great rep. Also we are looking ahead to secondary schools so a primary that feeds to good secondary.
I am leaning towards Sanderstead at the moment as it seems to have a much better choice of good primary schools.
Ridgeway in Sanderstead has great reports and a larger intake so catchment is larger than others but most pupils end up in Riddlesdown by looks of things which I'm not sure about. Gresham also good but tiny catchment.
Our DS has beed baptised catholic so was looking at Margaret Roper in Purley as that feeds to John Fisher. The Hayes also has a good rep but not sure which secondary that feeds to, maybe Woodcote but dont know much about this school. Also Purley is closer to the Sutton Grammars if we choose to go down that route.
My question is if we move to sanderstead to get into the good primaries will this scupper our chances for John Fisher and Grammars as we are too far out? Does anyone have any experience of these schools or any advice as to where else to look?

xyx Fri 08-Aug-14 09:03:41

The information I can give you may well be out of date by the time your DS gets to secondary. I gather Margaret Roper is lovely and JF will expect a Catholic education, early baptism, etc. so if you want to go there, Margaret Roper or Regina Coeli are good choices. The JF catchment has gone to Addiscombe (there is a good Catholic primary there) but since then, the birth rate has being going up, so good schools will be harder to get into.
You need to go to look at Ridgeway; it used to have a very cross curricular style of teaching which may or may not like. I found it a bit too unstructured from what I could see, but others love it.
The grammars are getting harder to get into, so have a back up! The bus does go to Wallington Boys from Purley and others go to Wilsons from Croydon. My ds got level 6 maths and level 5b English and didn't make it - both need to be 5a minimum I guess.
My dc are happy at Riddlesdown. The school is large, but split into houses for lessons, so it's not overwhelming. My ds has an extra support class for g&t kids because of the maths and he's been doing extra Science as well. My dd has been offered extra German as well as Spanish and Latin as she is good at languages. They have both represented the school in a range of sports. The extra-curricular trips have been very good. Their friends seem to be perfectly normal, happy kids, no problem. I'm confident they'll do as well as they can there. Having said all that, friends whose ds have gone to JF are equally happy. I'm just trying to say, don't worry about Riddlesdown.
Hope this helps. Go and look at some of the primaries.

mrscneeb Tue 27-Jan-15 21:50:58

When we looked for schools for my daughter in 2013 everyone told me how terrible Purley Oaks Primary was. We went to see about 8 or 9 schools including Purley Oaks as we wanted a balanced view, and we loved it! She is now in year 1 and thriving and they have just (jan 2015) been rated a'good' school by Ofsted.

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