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KS1 results - can people share whether they were given sub levels if they got a 3?

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Loueytb3 Sun 20-Jul-14 12:36:55

There is a back history here with the school, in that last year they refused to give out levels at all and I had to mention the words "subject access request" to get them.

This year, we got levels for the five core subjects (i.e. speaking and listening, reading, writing, numeracy and science). DS2 got 3s across the board. However, I was expecting sub levels as well. He got 2as at the end of Yr1 so I would like to know if he is a 3c or a 3a because I want to know how he has progressed. However, I have seen other people say they weren't given sub levels for level 3, but they were for level 2. Before I start another fight with his head, can anyone tell me what the position is?

MirandaWest Sun 20-Jul-14 12:38:54

At ks1, level 3 isn't given as a sub level. This is a general thing and not specific to your school.

spanieleyes Sun 20-Jul-14 12:40:12

If they use test results, or provide you with test results rather than teacher assessment, then the tests simply give a level 3, there are no associated sub levels,
If you are given teacher assessments ( which you should be) then schools CAN give sub levels but don't have to.

WhatKatyDidToday Sun 20-Jul-14 12:45:29

A level 3 in year 2 isn't broken down into sub-levels. However, when comparing results etc later on in school, teachers will class the level 3 as a 3b- hope this helps

spanieleyes Sun 20-Jul-14 12:47:12

Some schools do, because a level 3 at KS1 becomes a 3b on their local authority monitoring system, but some schools don't!!

Bunnyjo Sun 20-Jul-14 13:02:07

On DD's report it was only recorded as level 3, no sub-level was given. However, at parents' evening I was told by the teacher that a level 3 meant 3b/a.

I believe this is down to the LA system automatically recording level 3 as 3b. I didn't feel the need to question this as DD got all level 3's. However I probably would have if DD had got a 2a in any subject.

Loueytb3 Sun 20-Jul-14 13:03:22

Thank you. That's really helpful and will save me from picking an unnecessary fight with the school.

We didn't have Sats results either, but I suspect that's pretty common. My understanding is that the levels were given on the basis on the sats results + teacher assessment.

mrz Sun 20-Jul-14 13:07:54

The level reported is not the test results, it is TA but the "official" requirement is for schools to only report sub levels for level 2. So on the official printout given to parents you wouldn't get sub levels for 1s or 3s.

Toomanyhouseguests Sun 20-Jul-14 13:09:55

We got two reports. One was a school report, straight 3cs. The other looked like some sort of external printout, it was straight 3s with no sub levels.

MissWimpyDimple Sun 20-Jul-14 14:43:46

DD got 3s with no sub levels.

Seems like everyone got 3s so I'm not sure it's that much of an achievement!

Loueytb3 Sun 20-Jul-14 14:44:09

We didn't have an official printout - only the teacher assessed report with comments. Ds1 (who is a twin and at a different school) did get an official print out but this seemed to have the school average at each grade vs national average.

simpson Sun 20-Jul-14 17:28:44

When DS was in yr2 (now yr4) he got 3Cs in everything (so sub levels were given).

QuiteQuietly Sun 20-Jul-14 19:00:35

We had a report from the school, with sublevels including one with a number, letter and a plus sign (how blinking sub is that?!?). We also had a printout called SAT levels which had sublevels for the "2"s but not the "3"s.

But the most disturbing thing was that the report levels and the SAT levels didn't match at all, leaving me to think that both pieces of paper are pretty meaningless.

When DD1 had KS1 report/SAT levels (different school), all the scores were the same except one, whcih was adjacent.

Has anyone else had similar?

DeWee Sun 20-Jul-14 20:10:44

Ours always give 3C. They have a table with the possible results from W to 3C, so i know they only give maximum 3C.

Elibean Mon 21-Jul-14 10:06:06

Straight 3s here, no sub-levels.

I know level 2s got sub-levels.

Normal for our school, and frankly - as I know dd has progressed well - I don't care at all. If progression is the issue though, that's valid: I would ask for a chat about that, rather than focus on the sub-level issue.

Quangle Mon 21-Jul-14 10:18:47

We didn't get sub levels for levels 2 or 3. From reading this it looks as though we should have got sub levels for the 2s but tbh I'm not that bothered as it was for science and the primary school science seems to be to be so ridiculous and unscientific that I'm ignoring it.

<recovers from endless tedious homework about forces without anyone ever actually explaining to DCs what these are>

Meglet Mon 21-Jul-14 10:27:07

Just 3's here.

Previously all level 2's were broken down into sub-levels.

Bunnyjo Mon 21-Jul-14 11:06:56

Quangle - I think Science is just reported as a whole level, even for level 2.

ChocolateWombat Mon 21-Jul-14 23:19:44

Ours just reported 3s.
However,mI wrote and asked for the sub levels, which I was then given. Got 3c for writing and 3b for reading and maths.

Every year, I write and ask for the levels and sub levels. The school only give them out in Yr 2 and Yr6 and. O sub levels unless required to. They have never refused when I have asked though. I always write direct to the Head.

I find it useful to see progress. And I think it is good that the school knows I am tracking it too. I also ask at parents evening and go with my previous letter, which shows what they were at last year.

So, if you want to know, simply write and ask. You can say that you know only 3 is officially reported, but you would like to know the sub levels that the school have recorded. You might not get a reply this side of the holiday now though.

Nonie241419 Mon 21-Jul-14 23:28:03

I went in and asked for the teacher assessment levels. School provided them without issue. His Year 1 levels were a bit ridiculous (inflated) so it doesn't look like he's moved much, but I know he has.

ChocolateWombat Mon 21-Jul-14 23:28:32

I agree that progress is the issue.
On the back of having got the levels I asked for at the end of Yr 1 (when DC was 2A in maths) at parents evening with a supply teacher who had taken over around Feb, When is I asked what they expected of DC at the end of year, when they said 3C I was able to show the letter from last year and point out that would only be 1 sub level of progress in a whole year of KS1. This took the supply teacher aback, and from then on, they focused on doing a bit more and DC was 3b by the end of year.

I might sound a bit obsessive. I guess I am really. However I am most interested in progress. It surprises me how often the teachers don't seem to know what the starting point at the beginning of the year was and so don't seem to be aiming for enough. Having that information has allowed me to mention it to them and I think, too then get better provision for my DC, as the teachers expectations are raised a little. I know that progress over individual years within a KS are not the key thing and progress is not linear, but if you have a couple of years with only 1 sub level of progress, then that it really disappointing. I feel having the information has been a real help.
My motto, always ask if you want to know. Always put the request in writing and if you think the class teacher won't have the authority to give the info, go direct to the Head.

teeththief Mon 21-Jul-14 23:58:21

DD was 2a's across the board at the end of y1. Her SAT levels were 3's across the board but her teacher told me she's a 3a in reading, writing and maths (possibly a 4c/b in reading/writing but they aren't 'allowed' to give L4 at KS1 in this school)

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