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Rules about how much HLTA cover??

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reallifegetsintheway Sat 19-Jul-14 13:27:13

Please could anyone who is knowledgeable in this direct me to relevant rules or give me advice? My DDs class is due to have an HLTA cover one whole day plus every afternoon next year.

This equates to 2 days effectively and I think it is too much. Do you agree? What course of action do you suggest?

Hulababy Sat 19-Jul-14 13:32:08

It depends on the school as there isn't really any rule as such.
It seems like a lot for one class.

But then I'm a HLTA and I do teach every day. I'm an ict/computing specialist at school so teach that. It is to different classes though not just one.

Although I have been teaching the class I'm attached to for 2.5 days for the past fortnight as one of my job share class teachers went on early may leave. My choice though, and I do have qts.

funnyface31 Sat 19-Jul-14 13:36:14

What reason is the usual class teacher not available?

I was on the understanding that a level 3 TA and HTLA can cover classes but I'm not sure if that is just generally different class every pm covering ppa and not the same class This is what happens in my school.

reallifegetsintheway Sat 19-Jul-14 13:37:24

I think one of the usual teachers is going on mat. leave so they appear to filling her leave using a PT teacher and a HLTA.

TheEnchantedForest Sat 19-Jul-14 16:00:27

There are no rules that limit the amount of time children can be taught by HLTAs or unqualified teachers. The head is free to employ whom they choose to cover a class so not much you can do really.

On another note, teaching unions have been protesting about this for years but parents don't seem to care until it affects their child. many parents (not you real life...) moan about strikes yet when situations like this occur, they are up in arms!
The other problem is that it is becoming far harder to recruit teachers (due to the decimation of teachers' pay and conditions) in some areas so Heads may no longer have much choice in who they appoint.

On a personal level, it may not be a negative for your child. I have observed some wonderful HLTAs who are fantastic teachers. Hope it works out this way for you.

reallifegetsintheway Sat 19-Jul-14 16:58:03

Thanks Enchanted Forest - I hope so too.

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