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Banbury villages - primary schools info please.

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1Lemondrizzlecakeplease Sat 19-Jul-14 11:51:55

Hi All - we are relocating back to the UK from Australia after 5 years. We do not own a home in the UK and so are flexible on where we live. My parents are in Norfolk and my in-laws the south-west. We are looking into the villages around Banbury as a possible location (New quick train to London for when DH needs to be there).We have 3 kids primary school age and would prefer an average size good primary with plenty of outside space and sport going on.
From my internet research so far, I have considered Hook Norton, Bloxham and Ettington. BUT I have never been there and will not be able to visit before we have to make a decision. We would rent nearby initially. Uncertain about east of Banbury because of Hs2

Any advice/opinion on these schools/areas or others within 20 mins of Banbury would be great thanks

teacherwith2kids Sat 19-Jul-14 12:47:07

Dr Radcliffe's in Steeple Aston has a good reputation.

However, you will need 'in year' places, since your children are already primary age - even though that area is perhaps less cut-throuat in admissions terms than elsewhere in the UK, you need to find out first whether the primary is likely to have school places for all 3 children before making your decision. As it's a few miles between villages, you want to make certain that you won't be doing 3 separtate school runs each day!

Also think about secondary - comes round quicker than you think. Hook Norton would feed ionto Chipping Norton, I think, Blessed George Napier is catholic, the Warriner serves an area to the South including Steeple Aston, then you have other schools in Banbry itself. Unless your DCs are VERY young, I would research secondary schools first and then work back to the primaries, rather than the other way round.

confusedfrillysock Sat 19-Jul-14 17:54:32

You need to be aware that you will only be offered places if there are spaces in a school. It is not like other countries where a school has to accommodate local people. You should email the local authority and ask the question. You can not reserve places in advance but if will give you am insight into your chances of three all in one school. If the schools are all full with waitlists then look else where

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