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Primary Schools in Oakham

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Babsrutland1 Sat 19-Jul-14 00:22:47

Hello, does anyone have any advice as to which is the best state primary school in Oakham for my dd who is just about to start juniors? Oakham C of E has amazing facilities and the staff seem really motivated and enthusiastic, but I am worried the performance tables are low. By any chance do you have a child who goes there or Brook Hill or Catmose Primary? I really want to make the right choice as we are relocating to the area and I don't want her to have to change schools again a year down the line. Any advice or info I would be really grateful to receive. Thanks so much. X

HeirApparent Sat 19-Jul-14 21:16:18

Catmose primary guarantees a place at Catmose College which is the only secondary school in town. Used to be sure of getting a place if you lived in town, but since the new building and outstanding ofsted, there have been some children not getting in.

Babsrutland1 Sat 19-Jul-14 21:56:35

Thanks, we better check that one out also as I was hoping she would be able to go to Catmose Secondary. Any feedback on Oakham C of E? I notice the Headmistress is leaving?

HeirApparent Sun 20-Jul-14 08:15:45

My DS left the school 3 years ago but understand that the Head is just retiring. There really aren't any poor schools in town, we are very lucky.

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