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Dyslexia - book recommendations for a newbie?

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r3dh3d Fri 18-Jul-14 12:18:44

DD2 (leaving Y3) has just got a Dyslexia diagnosis. Which is really annoying because I know a fair bit about lots of SN conditions, and know chuff all about Dyslexia.

I need to find out, but I've got the summer to read up on it.

Apparently she's v bright, her Maths is excellent, her reading is good, she has problems with processing and retrieval and as a result her writing and spelling is poor. I need a book (or books) that will:
a) explain what the processing and retrieval thing is, and how it manifests &
b) exhaustively tells me what I need to get school to do: it's a private school which will probably be fairly willing.

Books I've found so far seem to be either dumbed down for parents and/or focus on reading difficulties she doesn't have. I probably need something a bit more technical.

iwantavuvezela Sat 19-Jul-14 20:39:38

Contact the British dyslexia association (BDA), they sell books and resources as well as host events for parents where you can share and learn.

RunAwayHome Mon 21-Jul-14 19:25:47

It might not still be in print, but if it is, "How to detect and manage dyslexia", by Philomena Ott, is good.

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