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Yr 1. End of Year Reports / Levels - State Schools

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allmixedupreally Sat 05-Jul-14 21:22:18

If your child is ending year one this year and you have received their report, would you mind sharing their levels? Also if you received the phonics check results. I was expecting dd's to be included in the report but it wasn't so will ask teacher.
Reading =1A
Writing =1B
Maths = 1A
Effort = excellent all the way.
I am very pleased with the whole report and so is she, but it would be nice to have a rough idea how others in the same year did. Thanks

Laura0806 Sat 05-Jul-14 21:38:12

Not had the report yet which will contain phonics screen but my dd was told she only got one wrong ( or so she says!). she could have made that up! but if true it would be 39/40 which is what my eldest got. her levels are all 1A as the teacher told me last week. Shes fairly average for her age

IsItFridayYetPlease Sat 05-Jul-14 21:42:24

Bear in mind this is MN; you will get some interesting replies, so maybe not a true reflection of your child's cohort. wink.

I am a Year 2 teachers and I have children entering my year group anywhere from below L1 to 2C (with a few 2B readers and mathematicians in occasional years).
Is it a mis-type to say you will ask the teacher, as you go on to quote levels? To reassure you, many school follow the legal expectations of reporting levels at end of key stages only, so they are not included in reports.

tumbletumble Sat 05-Jul-14 21:44:40

Levels not included in my DD's report (not till year 2), but it's a good report so I'm pleased with her. She got 40 in the phonics test smile

NK5BM3 Sat 05-Jul-14 21:50:38

Reading 2a
Writing 2b
Math 2a
Phonics test 38/40

my2bundles Sat 05-Jul-14 21:58:11

Reading 1b, writing 1b, maths 2c. failed the phonics check but that is not on my list of prioritys.

steppemum Sat 05-Jul-14 21:59:05

wrt phonics levels I was helping in the class on the day they were done, and 28 kids out of 30 got 33 or above. The 2 that didn't got less than 20 (and were not expected to get more)

It is a very mixed school, with much higher than average FSM lots of kids who have struggled. teacher was over the moon with those results

That is just to give you some idea of an average class.

RafaIsTheKingOfClay Sat 05-Jul-14 22:08:24

IsItFriday, I think the OP's going to ask about the phonics screening check result which she hasn't received but definitely should do at some point.

You are right that the OP's no going to get an accurate view of results from MN. To put it in perspective 1b/1a would be about the expected level for the end of year 1.

What the phonics results will look like will depend from school to school, and will vary from very low percentages meeting the standard to 95-100% meeting the standard.

allmixedupreally Sat 05-Jul-14 22:11:04

Thankyou everyone -

IsItFridayYetPlease - I meant I would ask about the Phonics check results as dd came back saying she only got 1 wrong at the time. I am not too concerned as I know that if she didn't pass I would have been informed, but it would be nice to have the result.

Thanks Steppemum - our school has a similar profile so your info helps, in addition the majority have EAL. Do you have a rough idea what percentage would get 1A, B C or 2's?


IsItFridayYetPlease Sat 05-Jul-14 22:13:38

Thanks Rafa. I suppose it depends on when the reports came out. Threshold were only released on Monday so it takes some time to get them translated into paperwork for parents.

steppemum Sat 05-Jul-14 22:24:19

I think a lot will have got about a 1b, with some 1as and a few 2cs.

You have to remember that they have to get it consistently to get that level, so dd did an amazing piece of writing last week, came home telling me her level, but she won't get that on her report as she has only done it once because she much prefers talking to working most of the time

allmixedupreally Sat 05-Jul-14 22:30:52


steppemum Sat 05-Jul-14 22:36:27

we don't have any EAL.

hoedown Sat 05-Jul-14 22:47:09

Reading, writing and maths all level 1B. 34/40 on the phonics test. I am really happy with my DS1's achievements as he has really come far in year one and his confidence has massively improved. I am planning on working with him in the holidays to build on what he has achieved so far smile smile

steppemum Sat 05-Jul-14 23:06:54

actually thinking about it, there may be more 1as as an average.
top group (about 5 kids) will probably get 2c
reading is usually ahead of writing

Lonecatwithkitten Sun 06-Jul-14 09:14:04

Actually as someone who has always received averages in reports I feel they can be hugely unhelpful.
My DD has just finished year 5, she is a bright girl, but her cohort is exceptionally bright. So she has levels well above what are expected, but are below the class average. As at this stage you are expected to share the report with your child I have a child who is disappointed when in fact she should be celebrating.

gatofeliz Sun 06-Jul-14 09:17:54

Writing P8
Reading 1C
Maths 1C

Passed the phonics screen but no figures were given

We were told the national average is 1B.

LauraChant Sun 06-Jul-14 09:20:39

DS just finished year 1 but didn't have levels on his report. It had attainment and effort (both very good), English, Maths and Science (very good and good) and a list of other subjects (ICT, music etc) with a chart showing expected range divided into three. It also said "phonics screening achieved".

Is it unusual not to have these levels 1a etc? Our school never mentions them and I don't really know anything about them.

mrz Sun 06-Jul-14 09:22:22

Schools are only required to report levels in Y2 and Y6

bubblebath1 Mon 07-Jul-14 10:36:12

We didn't get any levels with my DS report just a bit of info for each subject and the results of his phonic check,

MargotLovedTom Mon 07-Jul-14 10:43:35

Dc3 just finishing Yr1 and got 2C for reading, writing and maths. Not got phonics result yet.

Our school gives the levels for every year.

gamescompendium Mon 07-Jul-14 23:17:43

Reading 2b
Writing 2b
Numeracy 2c
Science 2c
Phonics 40

BeaLola Tue 08-Jul-14 19:00:11

Im confused .... Not unusual I admit. What is expected at end of Year 1 1a or b or c ? If they get a 2 does this mean they are exceeding etc. We do not get a formal report just a verbal report.

mrz Tue 08-Jul-14 19:03:25

There isn't a national expectation for Y1 so it will vary from school to school. Schools must provide a written report at least once a year.

noisytoys Tue 08-Jul-14 19:43:27

Speaking and listening 2B
Reading 3C
Writing 2B
Maths 2A
Science 1A
Phonics 40

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