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Wimbledon - Prospect House or Hall School

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queenbee72 Thu 12-Jun-14 15:57:16

My sister needs to make a decision on which independant school to put her daughter down for in Wimbledon.
So far she likes both Prospect House and The Hall School.
We see that there are some varying views on the Hall School on here from previous posters but were wondering if anyone had any personal experience of either school?

DebbieOfMaddox Thu 12-Jun-14 16:02:01

I don't have DCs at Prospect House but I know several people who do and are very happy. In one case the parents moved the DCs from another local independent school (not The Hall) and are extremely pleased that they did so. The (potential) drawback there used to be that they had no kitchen so it was packed lunch only, but I believe that that's been fixed now.

queenbee72 Thu 12-Jun-14 16:03:34

Thanks DebbieofMaddox that's helpful to know.

queenbee72 Thu 12-Jun-14 21:19:45

Can anyone else help?

queenbee72 Fri 13-Jun-14 10:50:37

Bump (1 more try)

RMPM Thu 26-Jun-14 21:07:51

Hi sorry have only seen this thread. My DS goes to Prospect House. In my opinion, it's the best choice I ever made. He is so happy, content and has great friends and teachers. The headmistress is well respected and dynamic. I truly couldn't ask for more. The lower school has a kitchen (nursery to year 2). The upper school will have kitchens up and running September 2014. Wishing your sister the best of luck. Its always a stressful time deciding on schools.

TandC Sun 29-Jun-14 12:55:24

I wish I'd sent my son to PH. I looked at Hall too but didn't think it quite as good. There is a thread on here about Hall not reaching as good of academic standards in some areas. Good luck.

RMPM Sun 29-Jun-14 23:03:53

Sometimes places do become available at Prospect House (generally because families are moving abroad). TandC its always worth putting your name down on the waiting list. Over the years, we have had a few children join from other schools where parents have not been happy. So it can happensmile

Thomas12345 Thu 01-Sep-16 22:11:22

Prospect House and Hall School Wimbledon were both our choices for our DS. Initially I was more toward Prospect House, but they came across very money driven. 'If you can secure the payment now (one year in advance), I will put your children in ..." I thought there are supposed to have a waiting list but somehow able to put my DS ahead of the queue??

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