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Prep boarding schools: Windlehsam or Cottesmore

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Js27100 Wed 21-May-14 09:43:27

We are looking for a top prep boarding school for our son. Key criteria are excellent academics (possible entry to Eton or Winchester), music and drama, does not empty out on weekends and is close to Gatwick/Heathrow/London. Having read the Good Schools Guide and other reports as well as posts here on MN, we narrowed down selection to Windesham and Cottesmore and have toured both.

While we came away very impressed with both schools, Cottesmore facilities/classrooms were generally better, it seemed to have a more homely feel in the dorms and it felt a bit more relaxed overall. By contrast, Windlesham classrooms/facilities (especially the pool) were very tired and there was more of an institutional feel to the school/spaces. The dining space was particularly disappointing. Also Windlesham felt a bit more lively/less orderly than Cottesmore.

Overall, we were more impressed with Cottesmore, but academically (looking at scholarships and numbers into Eton etc), and perhaps for music and drama as well, Windlesham may have the edge. Also, Windlesham seems to be universally praised on MN. I don't think we've read one negative comment about it!

It would be great to hear opinions / thoughts / experiences on these schools / any significant differences between them to help us make a decision.

Js27100 Wed 21-May-14 09:51:15

Of course I meant "Windlesham" in the heading....

selly24 Tue 17-Nov-15 14:53:45

Does anyone have views on these two schools? Please? OP did you make the choice? About to visit both myself!

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