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Durston House School

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lilyandloulou123 Fri 09-May-14 21:43:57

I would really appreciate some advice about Durston House School. I am thinking about sending my son there (he is currently in reception in our local state school and while he is fairly happy it isn't a great school and was never our first choice for him - the friends he has made this year are all leaving as places come up for their first choice school). The only advice I can see on Durston House is a discussion on here dating back to 2011. Can anyone offer any opinions and experience of this school? Is your son happy there? I am worried that it will be the other extreme from where my son is at the moment i.e; too posh and too pushy.
Huge thanks for anyone that can help with this!

LocalEditorEaling Mon 12-May-14 10:40:15

Hello. Is this in Ealing? Pop over to our local site as you are more likely to get a response there.

Let me know how you get on and if you need any help.

Ealing Editor

LadyGnome Mon 12-May-14 15:52:42

My DS are still there (I think I was on the 2011 thread).

I have one in Yr6 and one in Yr2. I am happy with the school.

It isn't posh, its more working parents than old money and is mixed in terms of ethnicity and religion in line with the local area.

It does get more academically pressured in Yr 6 onwards as people are focussing on Senior School entry but as far as I can see its not pushy to the point where boys are not coping. Truthfully, I think some of the pressure comes from the parents rather than the school.

I am happy to answer any specific questions you might have.

lilyandloulou123 Mon 12-May-14 17:39:55

Thank you so much for your reply and all of that is very good to hear. It would be great to ask you a couple more things...

Is it true that the boys have to eat lunch sitting on the floor and are not aloud to talk?

Do you think your boys have enough "fun" there? The one good thing about our current state school is that there seems to be a lot of play whether it be playing in the garden or messy play in the classroom. I have a fear that Durston will be all work and no play.

Do you feel you miss out on more of a community life with your sons being at a private school? Do they have a good social life with fellow classmates outside of school?

Thank you so much.

LadyGnome Mon 12-May-14 18:27:39

I've never heard of them eating lunch sitting on the floor - I'm pretty certain they sit at their desks and they are allowed to talk. I think sometimes DS2 watches a DVD but I can check that.

YR there is a fair bit of play (you can see them in the front garden sometimes) but it does get a bit more serious in Yr1 but that is the case in most schools. (I think YR still has Wednesday afternoons off but there is after school care if you need it). The school has fields nearby so they also have field breaks as well as a fair bit of sport. DS2 Yr2 does sport 3 days a week.They are expected to line up quietly and walk to and from the field without chatting but its the usual small boy behaviour at playtime. There is a sandpit and climbing frame at the field as well as the grass and courts.

Boys have playdates and we always get lots of party invitations. Also boys are often members of the same clubs, cubs etc so DS1 sees some of his school friends on the weekend when he plays sport but also meets other boys from the local area.

lilyandloulou123 Wed 14-May-14 16:42:18

Thank you so much for your help LadyGnome. I may come back soon with more questions (!) but this has been very helpful.

Maromarano Fri 30-Jan-15 16:57:27

I am considering transferring my son to Durston House from a state school and would very much appreciate any feedback I can get from parents. I am particularly keen to know whether the children are prepared enough to transfer to selective secondary schools at 11+ or do they need to be tutored further? Any other comments about the school would be helpful (particularly, the things that may need improvement).

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