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William Patten and nearby schools... Hackney

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hackneywonderer Fri 02-May-14 17:58:37

Prompted to post by the Betty Laywood enquirer below.

We are moving into Stoke Newington. I think William Patten will be our closest school but looking at the catchments over the last few years it could also be that we might miss out and are more likely to get places at Shacklewell or possible Benthal.

Can anyone give me some insights into these schools please? I've been round WP and really liked it, but I've since heard the head is leaving and no replacement has been found. Are parents worried? Will it keep it's laid back atmosphere? Benthal seemed really sweet, but I met some panicked parents there too who said that loads of teachers had resigned. Shacklewell seems on the up in the league tables, but I didn't really like the vibe.

Any information really appreciated.

MissBetseyTrotwood Fri 02-May-14 21:56:23

My two are a bit older now but I know 3 families who moved from Shacklewell because of dreadful behaviour (physical assaults etc) sad

Can't say about Benthal.

Friends with several families with DCs at WP. They don't seem worried about the situation. Their DCs flourishing and happy.

Traalaa Mon 20-Apr-15 19:18:27

I know this is an old thread, but a friend who's looking for reception places next year is starting to look round. She was interested in Shacklewell, then found this thread and it put her right off! I thought I'd just nip in in case others do the same, as what Betsey posted is way out of date. My friend's daughter's there and I know a few other parents and kids too. All very happy. It sounds like a fun place. I wish we lived a bit closer..!

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