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Marika20 Tue 22-Apr-14 13:51:06

HELP PLEASE,my child's Head teacher has withdrawn my child from taking sats, can anyone tell me if the head is breaking the law doing this ,, thanks

whatadrama Tue 22-Apr-14 13:52:29

Have they given a reason?

tiggytape Tue 22-Apr-14 14:10:24

A parent cannot request that their child does not sit SATS eg some parents object to testing or to the pressure they cause in some schools. SATS are statutory which means required by law.

However, a school can decide that a child be disapplied if the HT thinks that is the best course of action. An example of such a case is where the child is known to be working so far below the standard required that they will be unable to access the test at all. A child who is some way off a level 3 in Year 6 for example might be deemed to be unable to access the tests.

TeenAndTween Tue 22-Apr-14 14:11:46

Someone with proper knowledge will be along in a minute I expect.


presuming this is y6, I think that if your child is performing below level 3 they don't need to be entered (because what is the point of subjecting your child to a test they can't do), BUT they will still appear on the statistics.

So as far as I understand, the only benefit of withdrawing a child is to your child, not the school.

TeenAndTween Tue 22-Apr-14 14:12:33

x- post with tiggy.

tiggytape Tue 22-Apr-14 14:15:46

That is correct Teen.
A disapplied child still appears in the school's headline figures (else the cynical might suspect schools would start disapplying anyone below a level 5!).

It is for the child's benefit that they are disapplied. A child working some way below the level required to sit the tests is not having their interests best served by being forced to try them all anyway.

It is relatively rare for this to happen. Scribes, extra time and other help is permitted in SATS tests where they are normally provided in class. It is just for children with more acute needs that this is an option.

whatadrama Tue 22-Apr-14 14:18:22

Would the same reasoning apply for Yr 2 SATs?

TeenAndTween Tue 22-Apr-14 14:26:10

I think so what but y2 levels are reported on Teacher Assessment anyway, not the tests which only inform the assessment. A child working at below level 1 would in the same way not be able to access the tests.

whatadrama Tue 22-Apr-14 14:28:09

Thanks tween, Ds is entering Yr 2 on P scales so it will be interesting to see what the school do with him next year.

mrz Tue 22-Apr-14 18:08:03

If your child is working below the level of the tests he will not be entered in the tests that's the law.
In KS2
"Children who are assessed as working below level 3 of the national curriculum and who are not expected to reach this level by May 2014 must be registered as below the level during the pupil registration process. They should be marked as ‘B’ on the test attendance register and should not sit the test."

In KS1 any child working below level 1 will not be entered for the tests -

Jellyandjam Tue 22-Apr-14 18:31:45

What mrz said.

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