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London Islington St John's of Vale, or maybe Gillespie or St Joan of Arc?

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redapplejuice Sun 20-Apr-14 22:58:32

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or opinion about St John's of Vale primary?
We just got a place there, but since submitting the application we have heard a few slightly mixed opinions, and now wondering if we should try to get on a waiting list elsewhere?
I'm also wondering how prevalent is tutoring to get these excellent results (in tables).

How do this school compare to Gillespie or St Joan of Arc?

mumoftwo100 Wed 23-Apr-14 01:28:04

If you have got a place, you should be overjoyed! In fact this year i recall a 100% sats pass rate with over half the class getting level 5 or above, which is excellent by anyone's standards. I would have thought the negative opinions are from the people who have children on the waiting list. It is easily the best primary in Islington IMO, a nice 1 form entry with good teachers and an bright cohort (they are definitely not coasting, they want the Ofsted outstanding, from the inspection happening any time soon), then Yerbury in second, then William Tyndale in third, then Grafton in fourth, then Gillespie in fifth (Gillespie was seen as 'less good' before, yet ever since the outstanding Ofsted, results have really taken off too with 90%+ level 4 and above).

redapplejuice Sun 27-Apr-14 10:31:31

Thanks! Yes, the ofsted report will be published any day now, but we have seen the first page on twitter - outstanding all round
it seems like a lovely school and gets excellent results, so we were surprised with some comments, but you are right, it might be from people who didn't get in. Thank you!

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