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St Paul's CofE Primary, Primrose Hill NW3 -- any thoughts?

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Teapotty Sat 19-Apr-14 21:55:58

We got a place for DS at the above for September. Does anyone have any experience of the school? I'd really appreciate any feedback.
I know it's very oversubscribed (normally a good sign) and in fact DS is currently at a private prep school as we never thought we'd get a place at the above. So we're pondering whether to move him from his current set-up, where he's very happy and thriving. Clearly the savings on school fees would be a massive bonus but it's not the absolute be-all and end-all.
Any pros or cons? Anyone out there done similarly and moved DC from private to this school? Thanks v much.

MangoDaiquiri Sat 19-Apr-14 22:17:09

I don't know anyone with a child at the above, but a friend of a friend maybe from memory.

However, I do know someone in RL with a DS at a local prep who didn't think they would get a place here, hence already starting their DS at said prep. I think it may be you. C? I will send you a pm later/tomorrow.
Either way hope you get some more useful responses.

tara49 Sun 20-Apr-14 01:02:56

Its an excellent school as I am very sure you already know but if DS is happy and you don't need the place then why don't you leave it for someone who does need it?

Teapotty Wed 23-Apr-14 10:19:11

Bumping post-holiday weekend!
Thanks both for your replies... @tara49: do you have experience of the school? I have a couple of qs...
I know it is a very fortunate choice to have to make but to clarify, it's not like either me or DH are high-earning City professionals; we have to really scrimp and save at the mo and I am trying to work out if St Paul's will give as good a rounded education as the current place.

sugarfoot Wed 23-Apr-14 18:35:09

It is a few years since my daughters were there, but they got plenty of sport and music. Everyone who tried for selective independents got in (often with scholarships).

Teapotty Wed 23-Apr-14 20:50:09

Thanks sugarfoot, that's reassuring. Do you remember what the class size was like at all?

tara49 Wed 23-Apr-14 23:01:57

Hi Teapotty
It depends which private school your DD is at but if it's a decent private school then the answer is that your daughter will get a better all round education in the private sector - better facilities, bigger budget and the most important element much, much, smaller class sizes.
I speak as a mother of 4 and a teacher. I cannot emphasize enough what a difference small class sizes make. However, if your DD were to develop any special needs or learning difficulties then an excellent state school (such as the one you have been offered) would be best as the state sector are really very well set up to deal with SEN.

tara49 Wed 23-Apr-14 23:04:24

OOps - sorry DS not DD. that widens the possibilites.
If he's in Lyndhurst - my advice is GET HIM OUT!!!!

sugarfoot Thu 24-Apr-14 14:42:47

Class size was more or less 30 (smaller higher up) with teaching assistants in infants. Tara49 clearly has strong views re private education, but having just come out the other end, I can see no difference in education results/outcomes between those kids that went to eg St Paul's and those that went to private primaries.

Teapotty Fri 25-Apr-14 10:19:12

thanks both. @tara49, no he's not at Lyndhurst. I'm actually v happy with where he is -- no complaints at all. The decision if anything is financially motivated (and convenience, as St Pauls is much closer to us) but you know, you want to try to do the best possible for your kids.
@sugarfoot, thanks, yes I thought it was probably around 30. Class size is a big consideration for me personally but I have heard differing things about whether it actually makes much of a difference, statistically speaking, unless the class is really small (under 12) or really big (over 35).

eeyore2 Fri 25-Apr-14 11:18:25

Hi tara49 I have PM'd you

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