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Walthamstow primary - moving to the borough

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chahrc Thu 17-Apr-14 20:04:20

I'm moving to Walthamstow and my nearest school is Thorpe Hall - which my DD may or may not get into as we are moving at the worst time -late application for reception - I would really love to know if anyone has any opinions about the school? All I can find online is that one ladies son was bullied! I'm not hell bent on results - I know we can't get into and outstanding school now but I want a safe and happy environment - I really know nothing about the area so I'm feeling very anxious about it - I may be able to get a place for her at Winns which is a little far - Thorpe is the nearest with places…. we may also get offered Woodside - which seems to be doing very badly - but maybe this is just ofsted nonsense??? Any local knowledge would be so appreciated!!!!

jumpinghoops Thu 17-Apr-14 22:04:07


jumpinghoops Thu 17-Apr-14 22:13:10

Hi, I'll try and help as much as I can, Thorpe Hall is my closest school. It's fine, wasnt my favourite but if I'd been allocated it I would have been OK about it. I think getting to Winns every day would drive you crazy depending on where you live in the area ie. I'd do it if I was very close to Forest Rd, probably not otherwise. I personally thought Winns was a great school with a strong Head but too complicated a journey for me.

For what its worth, Woodside was above Thorpe Hall on my list, it is undergoing rapid change and I know many local families that have it as their first/second choice.

Not sure if Chapel End is full yet? That is also well regarded by some local families.

Can you look around the choices before accepting?

chahrc Fri 18-Apr-14 13:27:11

Hello Jumpinghoops! thanks so much for answering my post smile I'll be on Ulverston Rd off Forest road - on google maps it says it's 2 miles to Winns - I drive so that wouldn't necessarily put me off. Is it very busy on Forest Road? Is that what put you off?

I did look around Thorpe Hall and it seemed OK like you say - but can't really recollect much (kiddie brain) I'm going to try and look at Winns and I'll look at Woodside too - I am surprised to hear that parents have opted for it second choice - I heard bad things about it….basically Winns/Thorpe and Woodside are what the choices are - if I get a choice by the time I move… you would go woodside over Thorpe? I am surprised…..

jumpinghoops Fri 18-Apr-14 18:12:50

Well, I'm not really sure how to put into words why I didn't get a warm feeling for Thorpe Hall. Your gut feeling is just that really isn't it and I wouldn't want to put you off on the strength of my gut feeling!!

I live on one of the roads off of Fulbourne and the journey to Winns for me would involve 2 buses which is why it didn't go higher up my list.

Woodside is now under the new Headship of Sean Tewes (ex Hillyfield) and I understand is changing a lot. My daughter is at the nursery there which is excellent and I know many of her friends parents have decided to keep their children there. I was undecided on my visit, mainly as it is a fairly large school, but it seems to have the structure in place to get things right.

In your positilon, I think I'd probably drive to Winns but

jumpinghoops Fri 18-Apr-14 18:17:35

Sorry, phone pressed send too soon. Anyway,I really liked Winns. Look, they're all good school. I think you should visit them all, then make a decision.

chahrc Mon 21-Apr-14 17:20:12

Hi - thanks so much for the info - I feel a lot better! I'll go and see them but think I would probably go for Winns but not worry too much if I don't get it.
Thanks so much for answering x

tricot39 Wed 23-Apr-14 07:18:18

Winns is a big school. I know parents who find communication is a bit hit and miss. Why not try the walthamstow parents group on facebook where you will get lots more info than here?

chahrc Wed 23-Apr-14 09:49:11

Oh great - thanks for the tip - I spoke to Winns yesterday and really liked the sound of the deputy head - going to see Woodside on Thursday - I've not a whole lot of choice. where does your child go?

tricot39 Wed 23-Apr-14 19:33:40

I used to live near winns but not now. What about Roger Ascham? Is that too far from you? We also dont have much choice as the population is dense and birtj rate is up! You just have to pick the best of the options available on the impressions you pick up. Very tricky! Welcome to walthamstow anyway!

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