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Tonbridge Primaries and in-year application. Can really do with some advice.

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notmydog Thu 17-Apr-14 16:05:45

I have posted this in the local Kent pages, but it seems fairly quiet there, so I'm hoping to catch more traffic here!
We are moving to Tonbridge in the next couple of weeks. We managed to secure a rental in the Slade area from end of May. However, they are so oversubscribed that I don't think there is a chance of my Year4 DD being offered a place there. I need to choose which schools to put on my in-year application form. Of course Slade will be 1st choice and then Sussex Road, those 2 are the closest. But then I'm left to choose between Cage Green and St Stephens.
I know Cage Green is under special measures, but I have also heard good things about the school. I honestly don't know what to do. A friendly caring school is more important to me than an academic one - she is currently in a huge, academically brilliant, but very impersonal London school.
How about St Stephens? I have heard that there are issues with behaviour.
I would be so grateful to get some input from someone who knows either of the schools!

Frikadellen Thu 17-Apr-14 16:14:29

As it is a year 4 you could attempt an appeal for your dd for Slade. Have you tried finding out if any of the school has spaces?

I am sure that you will get a lot of expert help soon, however wanted you to have a reply.

notmydog Thu 17-Apr-14 17:04:35

Hi Frikadellen, no I haven't contacted schools yet, as all of a sudden this move is happening a month earlier than anticipated! Will phone them on Tuesday, when schools have started again. Thanks, we will probably opt for the appeal process if we don't get into Slade, but I don't really know if we have grounds on which to appeal. I have read that it is the 6th most oversubscribed school in Kent, eeek!

notmydog Sat 19-Apr-14 15:24:09


howdypartner Sun 20-Apr-14 10:31:00

Hi, My DD went to Cage Green for half a term when we moved to Tonbridge while we were waiting for an in-year place to come up at our number one choice. We chose it as it was near to where we lived. It was fine but has a lot of issues that aren't going to be resolved soon. I don't know anything about St Stephens. Go and have a look at them both. If you can't decide between the 2, go with the one that's nearest as traffic in Tonbridge in rush hour can be bad.

jasminelavender Mon 21-Apr-14 19:52:32

if you are prepared to drive to cage green don't rule out the two hildenborough schools - stocks green and hildenborough.They are only a mile from the area you will be in. |Both have a good reputation and good facilities. Also there is often in year movement with schools so I would definitely visit some if you can and hold off accepting a place until you have seen them.
My knowledge of st stephens is that it does have some difficulties but again this is a reason to get a feel for it yourself.
Good luck.

notmydog Tue 22-Apr-14 13:52:14

Thank you very much for your input smile
There seem to be places available in a few of the good schools in and around Tonbridge. Just not at the Slade. It seems that we will just have to brave the traffic in the mornings!

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