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DS reading

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3Xtrix Fri 04-Apr-14 15:49:13


I am extremely worried about my son's reading. He is Y2 and struggles, got predicted grade for SAT of 2c (but 1a was also mentioned). He is bright child, good at numeracy and science (teacher says he will be doing 3 paper). I can�t help him great deal with reading, English isn�t my first language, he corrects my pronunciation sometimes and I don�t get phonics and syllables (in my language I would sometimes divide word differently to what you would in English). I�ve expressed my concern to a teacher and was told not to worry the school will teach him to read ( �its our job�). But after 3.5 years (he started at 4+ unit) he is still not getting it. He can do sight words, but anything longer he struggles. The school just said he�ll be fine; it will click. My husband is saying that I am silly for worrying so much. Any advice?

columngollum Fri 04-Apr-14 16:00:43

Are you suggesting that he wouldn't be able to read the mumsnet posting that you've just typed? I'd have thought that a 1a/2c child wouldn't have any problem with it.

What does he end up with when he tries to read: pronunciation, extremely, syllables and differently?

columngollum Fri 04-Apr-14 16:02:54

How do you break up words of that length in your language?

3Xtrix Fri 04-Apr-14 16:33:19

No, I don't think he could read this. I'll try these words on him later and let you know. If he sees long word he would try to get it by first couple of letters, gets it wrong and then he won�t try again. I do try to make him break it it two parts, but he just can't get it without help.

ddmommy Sat 05-Apr-14 02:24:18

Sorry to hear that 3X.
I think there are things you can still do, even though English is not your 1st language. It isn't mine either and I have taught both of my DDs basic reading before they started school. I did have to first understand how it is done in English as my language is fully phonetic. "Letters and Sounds" --- was really helpful, if you have the time to look at some of the basics of learning to read in English.

If I were you, I'd have a chat with teachers and see what they think you can do to support your DS at home - they must know what he finds most challenging.

And, finally, just keep reading with him and to him - don't worry about accent and him correcting you. Make sure he reads all his school books. If you break long words in syllables differently from the way he does - it's not a problem, let him correct you and do it his way.

Also - try to interest him in reading by himself. Find whatever he might want to read - books, comics, magazines.

Have you seen Captain Underpants books? Not great literature, BUT a number of reluctant readers I know have not been able to resist wanting to pick these books up and try to read! You can take turns - he tries a page, you read two pages, etc.

If he is into science - try the National Geographic for Kids. Lots of
pictures and text boxes - and you can help him with longer words.

Good luck!

mummy1973 Sat 05-Apr-14 15:42:05

Also try Dirty Bertie books or Beano. My son is similar levels and loves these.

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