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Building Confidence

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PeasInAP0d Thu 03-Apr-14 19:38:23

Hello, Sorry I am a newbie here at MumsNet, so please bare with!

I just wanted to know how I can help my 6 year old daughter build on her confidence? She is very close to two girls since nursery. Only girls being girls fall out a lot and she is normally the one that is upset by it. The teacher said about doing after school clubs but these two girls are in most and she does not like new things ie new places,groups of people but I also want to help build her confidence. So then it shines through with her school work. She finds speaking and listening and PE quite hard because she lacks in confidence, exactly how I did when in school and still in many ways now..

Thank you in advance.

proudmama72 Thu 03-Apr-14 20:39:24

the best thing is to talk her through the conflicts with her friends and not overreact to her being upset or wronged. tell her the usual, 'best not to be awkward when people mistreat you as it only makes matter worse', and when people upset you find another friend. I tell me kids you always lose when you get angry.

Do a project with your daughter where you make something and when she does something well praise her? When you make cupcakes if she measures something correctly or doesn't make too much mess, tell her how fantastic she issmile

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