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quick job question

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kimlo Wed 02-Apr-14 20:45:31

I'm a level 4 qualified nursery nurse. My level four is in children and young persons and I have 6 years experience in childcare.

I have seen a job advertised in a local school for a level 2 support assistant in reception. The advert only specifies that you need experience working in the foundation stage. Obviously I have worked with the eyfs but I have no school experience at all.

Does anyone know if I stand a chance at an interview? It's the perfect job for me.

Misfitless Thu 03-Apr-14 18:04:51

Hi Kimlo,

I think that the school have only specified EYFS experience means that they are open to people who haven't worked in schools before. It sounds like knowledge and experience of EYFS is more important than the setting itself imho.

I don't think this in itself will go against you, but maybe mention lack of experience of the school setting as a positive, e.g. you are ready for a exciting, new and challenging environment, and mention how brilliantly your skills will easily transfer from one setting to your skills of working with pre-schoolers will make you the perfect candidate for understanding and easing their transition from a nursery to a more formal reception class environment etc.

Just a thought..I was chatting to a head teacher recently who had had a lot of applications for a job. She mentioned to me that anyone who had not arranged to physically visit the school was not even called for interview, their application was instantly dismissed as they hadn't shown enough genuine interest. It might be worth trying to arrange a visit if you don't already know the school.

Good luck with the interview.

kimlo Thu 03-Apr-14 18:09:02

thats a good point about visiting the school, what I might do is go and hand the application form in personally and introduce myself and ask some questions about the job and school.

thanks for that

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