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Another question on Junior admissions appeal please

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onetiredmummy Mon 31-Mar-14 10:42:51

I can't find my original thread as I'm in the midst of organising the appeal & have got lots of tabs open smile

OK DS2 has been offered a place in infants for preferred school but DS1 has been refused due to no Yr4 places available.

My main reason for moving is travelling to & from current school but as that's unlikely to win I'm focussing on DS1's education & specifically, why the new school would be better for him. My natural angle on this is that DS1 is G&T & the method of teaching at new school would be more beneficial (they teach in ability sets, not classes), Given that the appeals panel only have my word about DS1's brightness, is it appropriate or even possible to obtain from the current school any 'evidence' of brightness? I know its there, last week he received a star of the week for his results in year 4 testing that his teacher described as the second highest the teacher has ever seen & all of his results were outstanding across all subjects.

However would I be able to approach current school & ask for copies of these tests or other tests to demonstrate that I'm not a pushy parent who's exaggerating DS1's abilities? smile Are these year 4 tests standard?

prh47bridge Mon 31-Mar-14 12:46:28

I would be careful with that approach. The panel may think that a G&T child will perform well at any school. Teaching in sets may not be enough to win. I would look for other factors to support your appeal.

If you want to go down the G&T route don't provide copies of tests. The appeal panel would prefer to have a letter from an expert (current teacher, head or ed psych) stating your son's level of ability. It would be even better if the letter stated that your son needed things which the appeal school can provide that are missing from his current school.

onetiredmummy Mon 31-Mar-14 12:49:37

Thanks bridge, I'm writing it now & trying not to be wanky with the G&T thing. I see what you mean smile

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