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Another writing level question

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pooreyecontact Sun 30-Mar-14 20:49:09

DS6 is in Yr1. He has ASD and writing is his weak area. His maths and reading are both strong. At his most parents evening in Feb he was graded as a P8 in writing with a year end target of 1c. Obviously, this is worrying as his 'target' for the year is to be significantly behind in writing.

Since the parent evening, he has started writing much more. he wrote this last week in class. He didn't do any full stops or capital letters but instead started a new line for each sentence. I'd be interested in views if this is still p8/1c standard. The class were working on their own versions of the 3 little pigs stories.

mmumy mouse said bild your on houses so they went to the bildin sit they got the thins they neded

the first mouse bilt his house outof sticks
the second moue bilt his house out of bicks
the fird mouse bilt his house out of iron ston
the fird work hard

one day the cat cam the cat found him the cat dstroid the first house. the cat dstroid the second house the cat coodent dstroi the fird house

as the first mouse saw what the cat was dooing the first mouse put a pot of cold wanter under the roof

ther was a hole in the roof the cats tail went into the cold water the cat ran away the three mice lived happly ever after.

roastchicken Sun 30-Mar-14 22:54:20

hi - I'm not a teacher and it's just one piece of writing but that's a very sweet story. I think that is definitely more than a 1c - well done your DS! He obviously needs to work on capitals and full stops though.

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