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How best to expand child knowledge

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PinkSunflower Fri 28-Mar-14 20:39:18

I'm looking for some advice. My DS had been struggling with maths and after about 6 months of practicing tables he is doing much better. We have enjoyed working at home together and I thought it would be nice to keep to our 10 minute morning slot for learning. The question is what will be most helpful now we have filled in the missing tables. I would like to broaden his knowledge but not bore him. We've talked about it and he says he would like to try verbal and non-verbal reasoning as he thinks that the questions he's seen look interesting and make him think. I'm not sure if this is a good way to go or not. DS is in year 4 and will go to a state secondary school. Any thoughts or ideas as what might be best. I could really do with some advice as I don't have anyone at home to chat to about this but DS. Thank you

TeenAndTween Fri 28-Mar-14 21:04:58

We often do 10mins maths with our y4 DD2 at breakfast (when not doing spellings) (and actually also y10 DD1).

We do basic skills that aren't yet solid, e.g. recently have done column addition, long multiplication, area, coordinates with DD2.
(With DD1 we've recently done angles in a circle and simultaneous equations.)

I think a little and often really helps for all aspects of maths.

Otherwise I'd not sure verbal/non-verbal reasoning are really knowledge as such, but are good mind stretching skills. For knowledge just talk about anything and everything.

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