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St Aubyns school bunces lane

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Sparkle848 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:30:30

We are really interested in this school but would like to know the inside view on this school. Our daughter is a very bright and quite advanced girl. The waiting list is very long but we are registered. The nursery has 55 children but she would probably only do half days to begin with. I would really appreciate any information about school especially from parents whose children already attend. We went for a show around today and we really liked it and really liked the children and teachers.
Thanks is advance smile

NoIdeasForUsername Wed 26-Mar-14 17:33:18

The one near Woodford Green? I don't have DC there but my eldest two have DC in their schools who came from St Aubyns, they all seem academically strong (and also quite well rounded in terms of sport and music), and a friend who's DC have gone there raves about it.

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