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What should a reception child be achieving by end of their reception yr?

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SafeAsHouses Mon 24-Mar-14 16:24:10

Had parents evening today, was told my DC was doing fine, and that he is on target for achieving the 40-60 months band under the 'development matters' framework.

Was given a few areas to help with numbers / literacy etc, but was essentially told all fine.

I know that reception year runs under the EYFS, so presumably KS1 kicks off beginning yr1, and all they 'need' to acheive is the 40-60month band in reception year?

Apols - I seem slightly clueless but I only really think of these questions long after i've had my 10min slot with teacher! Just want to make sure DC is 'on track' really....

PastSellByDate Mon 24-Mar-14 20:39:49

Hi SafeAsHouses:

Ah yes nothing will ever prepare parents for the foreign language they encounter upon having their first parent/ teacher meetings. And teachers seem full of acronyms which does rather make the whole process impenetrable for the unitiated...

Here's a link from a simple google search re: EYFS for parents:

and if you go to: - and scroll down a bit there are several parent guides.


So that should help update you on what EYFS is. Basically there are 9 skill levels within each area of EYFS.

I found this simple I Can statement check list for numbers, calculating & counting:

I also found:,%20Young%20People%20and%20Families/Early%20Years%20and%20Childrens%20Centres/revised-eyfs-observation-assessment-and-planning.htm - if you scroll down to the bottom you can find "I Can Planning Pro-formas for areas of provision" - if you look on the ones for 40 - 60 months you should get a sense of where you child is doing o.k. or needs more work.


Finally - Campaign for Real Education has plain English summaries by curriculum area about what should be happening for a child in a given school year here: - just select area of curriculum and then read under appropriate school year.


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