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Geology app wanted for Minecraft fan

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BugsAndButterflies Sat 22-Mar-14 08:45:14

My DS (7) has always been interested in geology - loves fossil hunting and always finding "diamonds" and "dinosaur eggs" in the garden, or bringing home bits of gravel from the school playground with sparkly minerals in.

He's also a big minecraft fan, which is fuelling his interest. I'm getting lots of questions like "What is bedrock?" and "How is Lapis Lazuli made?".

We do have lots of suitable books on the topic, which he loves to leaf through and look at the pictures, but he's not quite reading them independently yet.

As he loves Ipad apps, I wonder if anyone could recommend a suitable one that might help him to develop his geology knowledge in accessible bitesize chunks, preferably with some sort of game format. He loves things like Dragonbox, Lightbox and Cut-the-rope, which develop algebra, coding skills and physics knowledge without the DCs really noticing.

Jsa1980 Sat 22-Mar-14 08:48:37

The BGS do one but it's not in game format or anything. Although quite interesting it will tell you the geology of specific places etc (also it's free!) I think it also tells you what boreholes have been drilled.

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