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Expecting Parents to Provide Transport to Sports Events within School Day

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KnappShappeyShipwright Fri 21-Mar-14 16:13:22

DS1 is at junior school and has been selected to represent the school at tag rugby next week during the school day. I've just received a letter asking me to provide transport due to "health & safety regulations". I work full-time, my DH works full-time, we have no other family within a 100 mile radius and I'm not prepared to send him off with a random parent, particularly as I can never return the favour. The event is during the school day and finishes at "around" 5pm. I'm resisting emailing the school right now but I'm furious - I don't think it's up to parents to do this, is it? Any ideas on how I approach this as I've got all weekend to stew over it.

Delphiniumsblue Mon 24-Mar-14 09:18:37

We don't know how tall OP's DS is, but I am 5ft 6ins and some juniors look down on me!
Perhaps OP could come back and say what she thinks the school should do with no minibus and no money.

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