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A couple of questions about levelling writing

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childwrangler Fri 21-Mar-14 12:31:01

When a piece of writing is being levelled does the writing have to be completed within a certain time (teacher's time notwithstanding)?

The background is that DD is a slow writer and her teacher is getting frustrated that she can't level DD's work properly, in her words "it starts brilliantly, is punctuated beautifully and then stops".

we're in a British curriculum school overseas, DD is Y2. For year 1 we home schooled because we couldn't get a school place; during that time her reading progressed brilliantly, her writing didn't. I noticed that DD freezes when given anything remotely creative to do. She can create stuff if it just comes to her but when she gets given a brief it takes her a long time to get going. Whether it's lack of imagination, fear of getting things wrong, just taking time to warm up - I don't know.

I'm going to see her teacher on Sunday and ask to see DD's latest piece of work. She's really proud that she managed to write over half a page in 40 minutes (a big improvement!) and her teacher wasn't impressed. Is there any reason why DD can't be given a bit more time to complete some work in order try and get her over this hump?

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