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please help: state or private school in Wimbledon

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yeahrush Thu 20-Mar-14 13:49:49

would like my DS to WHS or KJS by age of 7.

which prep schools should be the best to get DS into KJS or WHS? state school like dundonald or private school like Donhead, Willington or squirrels? please give me some advise! Thank you!!!

Schmedz Thu 20-Mar-14 22:15:22

WHS is a girls school so probably none of the above!

If he goes to a state school you will most likely need tutoring to bring him up to speed with the 7+ requirements for KCS, but having said that there are many at the private schools who don't make the grade for KCS either.

Hope your DS is happy and enjoys learning at whatever school you choose.

womblehopper Thu 20-Mar-14 23:45:55

I think OP may mean The Hall School Wimbledon.

I was told when considering KCJS, coming from a state school, they look more at potential and will take into account the background of the child. However, I was still advised to do some tutoring. A child will need to be a strong level 3 at the time of taking the exam (Jan). We noticed that in our state school, essential skills like times tables simply were not taught early in yr 2, even for top set children.

Squirrels and The Rowans are the obvious Kings feeder schools. Having said that, you could still get there from say Dundonald, if the child had high natural ability and there was tutoring for any obvious gaps.

kittermum Mon 24-Mar-14 14:03:33

Donhead is an amazing school with a terrific head. I would really recommend it, the school is impressive. But they do not prepare for the 7+ and boys move on a 11 which means they 'miss' the 2 largest entry points into Kings. That said 2 Donhead boys successfully applied for the 7+ this year

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