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Level 4 writing skills

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redskyatnight Thu 20-Mar-14 09:29:32

Parents evening last night. DD is a high Level 3 writer and her teacher helpfullly suggested the sorts of things she should be working on to move to Level 4. DS is a low level 4 writer and his teacher helpfully suggested the sorts of things he should be working on to move to a high level 4.

Unfortunately having one straight after the other I now can't remember what teacher said what and am sure that I have forgotten at least some of what they said!

Can anyone tell me (or point me in the direction of resource) what DC should be working on to improve low and high Level 4 writing skills?

I am fairly sure DD's teacher mentioned use of adjectives and adverbs and extending sentences though connectives.

DS's teacher also mentioned more interesting vocabulary and also about developing a storyline/theme through use of sentences in a paragraph.

Any more ideas gratefully received!

MrsKCastle Thu 20-Mar-14 20:50:45

Try googling APP reading level 4 for some detailed targets.

But in general- level 4 should be punctuated correctly and make sense throughout- make sure they are re-reading and picking up on those little errors like writing 'the' instead of 'they' when in a rush.

Clear organisation, with an appropriate opening/ending (by high level 4 these should start to be linked) and paragraphs linked through connectives.

Secure understanding of the genre, so able to write formally if required, not mixing tenses or 1st/3rd person) etc.

Different types of complex sentences, some short sentences to build up tension in stories or to vary the pace in other types of writing.

Adventurous vocabulary.

Range of different punctuation for high-level 4- occasional use of brackets/semi-colon, commas used correctly to mark clauses.

Adverbial phrases, especially for high level 4.

MrsKCastle Thu 20-Mar-14 20:52:12

Aaargh, I meant Google writing level of course!

Must take my own advice about re-reading! grin

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