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Signed up for school trip now ds doesnt want to go

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eleflump Wed 19-Mar-14 19:04:19

My ds has signed up for a trip next summer to Spain. He will be in Year 6, they are going for eight days and will be going by coach - from where we live the total journey time will be about twenty hours. I had my reservations at the time, but he was adamant he wanted to go.

He has just been on this year's trip, which was for four days, and he didn't enjoy it and now doesn't want to go next year. Like I say, I had my reservations anyway as it seems a bit ambitious for a Year 6 trip, and I don't want him to have to go if he will be dreading it.

I had to sign a form saying that I would make the payments for the trip, and have already paid £50, which I am quite happy to forfeit, but still owe just over £300. Am I likely to still have to pay this, given that there is still fifteen months to go before the trip? I don't want the school to be out of pocket in any way and so will pay if I have to.

Hassled Wed 19-Mar-14 19:08:52

Ring the school office and ask - yes, you may lose your deposit but I can't imagine they'll have actually paid themselves for the whole booking yet so you'll probably be OK with the rest. And they'll be aware that numbers will change - it could well be that someone else will take the place.

But also bear in mind that a lot changes in 15 months and your DS could well change his mind back again - they do a hell of a lot of maturing at this age. If you can possibly stall, then stall for a while - but see what the school office say first. You won't be the first parent with wobbles like this, I know.

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