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Kent/primary school admissions

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Feellikerubbish Tue 18-Mar-14 13:53:22

I am thinking of moving to kent next year or the year after when my eldest will be 7/8. One of my friends moved during the school year and her daughter was put onto a waiting list and she had to travel everyday from south to north london for her daughter to continue attending school.

Has anyone experienced this? Is it best to move closer to 11 for secondary schools instead?

The areas we are looking at are Orpington, Petts wood and surrounding areas. Anyone have any ideas in terms of good schools?

Menolly Wed 19-Mar-14 02:52:20

Orpington and Petts Wood are both part of the London Borough of Bromley, so they don't come under Kent's school admissions. best bet would be to contact Bromley council and ask how full your child's year is/what the chances of them getting a school place are.

noramum Wed 19-Mar-14 15:43:35

I agree with Menolly, Bromley is not part of Kent regarding schools.

Bromley is very oversubscriped, it may be worth speaking with the council, I know some school have quite large KS2 classes compared to KS1.

If your child is just at the start of school life Bromley won't be able to give a lot of information for 2 years in advance as numbers change quite quickly, my DD's class (year 2) had a number of moves since they started Reception together. Also more and more of Bromley's primaries are converting to Academies and this may also impact admission in-year.

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