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should i be worried?

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typoqueen Mon 17-Mar-14 12:50:21

DD 7 had an ear infection and perforated ear drum during the last half term, unfortunately 2nd day back at school it flared up again. Doctor stated to keep her home until her temperature drops and remains stable, and make sure she drinks plenty and all the usual stuff when a child is poorly. She returned to school the following Monday, that Saturday she was violently sick, and was suffering from sever tummy pains, again we went to the doctors and were told its Gastric flu, which seems is doing the rounds at school, obviously told to keep her home again.

This morning daddy goes into school and lets them know, he was immediately told it will go down as an unauthorised absence and that we needed to bring in proof of illness, and further more we will receive a letter from social services as she was off previously with her ear infection.

Why will I get a letter from Social Sevices, I don't understand?, plus we informed the school when she had her ear infection that the Doctors Surgery have a policy that states No "sick notes" will be given for any child of school age, and I also gave the school permission to contact the surgery if they needed too.

I am a worry guts, and my poor DD seems to get everything that's going around, don't get me wrong she is in school, unless im informed to keep her home either by the doctor or when following the School sickness policy of 24hrs for sickness and 48hrs for diarrhea (?? @ spelling)

nonicknameseemsavailable Mon 17-Mar-14 13:08:59

I was under the impression that after a certain number of days off sick (10 possibly, not sure) a standard letter will be sent but I thought it came from the school at this stage.

I don't think any Drs surgery will do sick notes for things like that plus how can you take a child with a sickness bug to the drs without passing it round other people who may already have compromised immunity.

It should be 48hrs after either sickness or diarrhoea and you are being right to uphold that.

I doubt Social Services will care to be honest as you can explain all the absences logically. I would make sure if she is off that you send in a note when she returns saying what was wrong and why she was off and keep a copy of it, then you have it all noted in case of query.

pointythings Mon 17-Mar-14 13:13:51

Let the school send its letters, let them refer you. Your DD's visits to the doctor are on the record, SS will not give a damn and will not take any action because you were only doing the right thing for your poorly child.

Unfortunately schools are being put under huge pressure to push attendance and some of it are handling it very badly and abandoning all common sense.

nonicknameseemsavailable Mon 17-Mar-14 13:18:23

I agree with pointythings, the attendance thing is so frustrating as the families which need to be encouraged to attend are still going to slip through the net on a lot of things whereas families where a child just happens to have poor health or a bit of bad luck with viruses suddenly find themselves caught up in letters and regulations when really a bit of common sense will tell you that if it is triggered after say 10 days that could just be 2 illnesses in the life of a 4 year old and 2 illnesses in a year isn't unusual at that age especially if they haven't had chickenpox or something before school.

mummy1973 Mon 17-Mar-14 13:34:15

No don't be worried. Your child was ill and you did the right thing.

typoqueen Mon 17-Mar-14 14:04:42

thank you, you have put my mind at rest, she does tend to have a spate of one thing after another, for a couple of months, and is then fine the rest of the year, but not had so many days off before, and never been told SS will get involved, worried the life out of my poor hubby this morning, it does seem that all common sense has gone out the window within the education system, but omg was so worried this morning.

once again thank you all xxx

frumpity33higswash Tue 18-Mar-14 12:50:24

school a tad bolshi

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