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Where can I get a decent school coat for DD?

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Dannie Mon 14-Aug-06 15:46:14

Why are coats for girls so much thinner and nastier than coats for boys? Why is fake fur compulsory? Or, to be more specific, can anyone help me find a warm navy school coat for DD that doesn't have a fur-trimmed hood?

doglover Mon 14-Aug-06 16:54:48

Ditto, Dannie. The girls' coats I've seen this year look cheap and 'chav-like' even if they're not at all cheap! Please help us muums who are looking for something durable, waterproof, warm and reasonably-priced! Do such things exist?!

hana Mon 14-Aug-06 16:55:26

does it have to be navy?

southeastastra Mon 14-Aug-06 17:01:14

have you tried somewhere like john lewis?

Dannie Mon 14-Aug-06 18:25:11

It does have to be navy. I haven't tried John Lewis yet, though I seem to remember that when I was looking a couple of years ago their only suitable option was exquisite but horribly expensive wool duffle coats. DS1 has a nice warm machine washable padded anorak from Next, but their girls coats aren't suitable.

FioFio Mon 14-Aug-06 18:26:09

Message withdrawn

hana Mon 14-Aug-06 18:27:33

do many schools dictate what colour of coat for their students?
Think this is a bit harsh, isn't it?
but sympathize with your problem!

alexw Mon 14-Aug-06 19:08:20

Benetton do a navy padded jacket with cord collar - unisex. JUst like a barbour one.

Twinkie1 Mon 14-Aug-06 19:11:06

We normally get DD a barbour type benetton one for the autumn and then a duffle from John Lewis for the really cold weather - the benetton one isnlt warm enough for when it is really cold!! She has to wear Navy - but I do think some of the ones you can get look really cheap and tacky - Gap usually do navy duffles as well and they can be boys or girls IMO.

pepsi Mon 14-Aug-06 19:19:03

dont know the policy for coats for when my dd4 starts school, but will be getting what I want warm and covering bottom. Have you looked at the boys coats too, might find a nice padded one there.

LemonTart Mon 14-Aug-06 19:24:36

Agree with the fake fur thing. Hate it. Also, looking for a coat without the expense of Bennetton or Barbour though
Any ideas? Rather not go for mega cheap nasty black with fake fur from Asda but not looking to spend £30+ of other places. Will keep an eye on this thread

Lemmingswife Mon 14-Aug-06 19:28:11

I bought a navy duffle coat for ds1 from Gap. It would be fine for a boy or a girl.
M&S often do navy coats, or you could try looking in vertbaudet or la redoute.

proudofmyboobs Mon 14-Aug-06 19:28:58

I got my dd a nice dark navy/purple one from Next in their sale. It's padded and nice and warm, and doesn't look cheap! There's also a hood on it, with a button under the hood, I'm no explaining that right, the bottom of the hood reached round the front of the neck and buttons there so there is no draught on the neck..

hana Mon 14-Aug-06 19:33:59

so does anyone know why schools specify the colour of coats for their students?
dd's doesn't -
also from health and safety ( in dull winter days) isn't it better to have a coloured coat on?

Dannie Mon 14-Aug-06 19:38:34

Plenty of good suggestions here, thanks. She has a duffle from JoJo Maman Bebe at the mo, but they only go up to age 4/5 and it's getting a bit small. I obviously need a shopping trip to London, yippee!

MrsBadger Mon 14-Aug-06 19:41:52

I think a lot of places specify coat colour as part of the uniform policy - if they all dress the same inside school for unity, school pride etc why shouldn't it apply in the playground?

Buy her a boy's or a unisex coat - if all the other girls are wearing navy coats too no-one will bat an eyelid at hers. Some of the prep schools round here wear waxed jackets with fleecey liners which look very cosy but I'm not sure how actually practical they are as they don't wash.
The Benetton coats aren't bad but they only do up with poppers and can be a bit draughty.
The best one I ever found was the Land's End Squall Parka but it doesn't look like they've got their winter stock in yet. The Boden fleece-lined jacket looks ok if you can get away with the lilac lining - if not the boy's version is lined in a more subtle green. Thier boy's puffa is a possibility too.

Dannie Mon 14-Aug-06 19:57:46

So long as it isn't too obviously a boy's coat. I'd get her the same one as DS1, but half the boys in the school have it and she'd be mortified at wearing boys' clothes. I sent her to school in one of her brother's shirts once durin a laundry crisis and she says everyone laughed at her (almost certainly her fault for telling them).
IIRC the Benetton one is nice but a bit thin. The playground is pretty windswept, so she really does need to wrap up.

alexw Tue 15-Aug-06 08:49:17

The Benetton one is £18

Discomonkfish Mon 24-Aug-09 13:10:51

I have had the same predicament! I have found two really nice coats on the Debenhams website in the sale. Both coats from J by Jasper Conran in a Navy fabric with nice detailing. I've got her a waterproof coat with lining and a belted coat with a nice pattern on the navy. See links...this is her first year so your opinions would be most gratefully received! Wondering if they're maybe too good for school?
Look at Coat 1 and Coat 2

happywomble Mon 24-Aug-09 16:53:55

I have been in the same predicament. Have spent the morning searching every online site. DDs school has a navy uniform but navy coat not compulsory. However I like the idea of a mainly navy coat for school. Thank you discomonkfish for pointing out the Debenhams coats. Have just ordered the warmer coat (navy with spots).

The other option I considered was the BHS navy bubble coat - is navy on the outside but has pink lining in the hood. It does unfortunately have the fake fur on the hood but is only £12!

If you have to have a completely navy coat try your local school uniform shop or a department store that has private school uniforms. Some private schools with blue uniforms have navy fleece lined coats that do not have their logo on. John Lewis also do one but I think it is £40 and has high pockets on the outside which I don't like.

Discomonkfish Wed 02-Sep-09 16:15:24

Hi all, I got both of the coats and they're great. Right bargain...! would recommend grin

MegGriffin Wed 02-Sep-09 16:33:42

I have got DD9 a navy winter coat from next. It is very warm, quilted with a lovely fleecy lining. It is also shower resistant and a good length. It was £32 but from past experience I know it will lasy two winters and be past down to DD2 so well worth the money.

MegGriffin Wed 02-Sep-09 16:37:19

Sorry, just realised, it does has a fur trimmed hood.

LIZS Wed 02-Sep-09 16:49:14

John Lewis do a unisex parka style coat, either fleece lined or as a 3 in one. ie. 3 in one ['+Uniform/Girls'+School+Jackets/8531/Produc tCategory.aspx bottom left]]

LIZS Wed 02-Sep-09 16:49:48

sorry here

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